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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 365 I DID IT!!!

Today is the day! I have successfully completed an entire year without fast food or soda! I have lost two dress sizes and saved countless dollars and calories by not consuming these things. I have learned to cook, I have learned to eat mindfully, and I have learned that I have iron clad willpower. This is not the end! I do not plan on returning to a fast food lifestyle, my new eating habits are just that, they are habits now and habits are hard to break. I have discovered things that I would never have normally eaten, I have developed a love of strange and delicious whole foods, and I have begun to spread the knowledge around. I have also discovered that I love the subject of nutrition and after my year long challenge, I have decided to return to school to study nutrition and dietary sciences. I want to help people to live healthier lives and to share what I have learned for the benefit of a healthier society. Now, for my new challenge! For the next 365 days, I will add movement to my new healthier eating lifestyle. Every day, I will find a new and challenging way to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, every day. I will blog weekly on my vast list of movements and will be looking for new and interesting ways to increase my heart rate and continue losing weight. I have already completed today's challenge by doing consistent, heavy house cleaning for two hours, while closing up my old apartment. I want to incorporate exercise into daily living so that it's not a chore, but just a part of daily life, there will be lots of throwing the ball with my dog, gardening, raking leaves, and just general physical activity. I do not believe that one must have a membership to an expensive gym or have a garage full of exercise equipment to move around and get healthy. I want to people to see healthy eating and exercise as part of a normal routine. Over the next 365 days, I am determined to lose another 50 pounds and to feel and look healthier than I ever have in my life. Thank you for following my blog for the past year and I hope that you continue to follow and to join me in the healthiest year and a new decade of growth and self realization!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 364 The End Is Near

One year ago tonight, I was having my last soda and eating Taco Bell slop, how was I to know the changes that were to take place over the next 365 days? Tonight, I am ending my year with fruit and maybe a little cheese. Tomorrow, I'm having traditional black eyed peas for luck. I will not elaborate this New Year's eve on the lessons I have learned and the trials I have overcome, I will save that for tomorrow, my last fast food boycott blog. Tomorrow, I will reveal my new challenge for the year ahead and hope that you will follow me through the next 365 days!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 362 and 363 The Countdown Begins

Wow, I'm pooped! Yesterday was move day and due to miscommunication with my Internet service, I was unable to blog last night, so here I am doubling up again. Yesterday, I barely had time to scratch my butt much less eat three healthy meals. I didn't even eat breakfast until almost 1:30, which actually doubled as lunch, NOT acceptable. I moved into my house with no groceries and I had a house guest for my first night! My cousin and I went grocery shopping and christened the new fridge with all kinds of healthy goodness. This morning we had oatmeal and fruit together in the beautiful kitchen. I love my new house!!! OK, gotta keep moving!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 361 Moving on Up

Today, I'm trying to keep things light, as the scales have not moved this week! Well, I try to keep things light on most days, but today I've had juice, fruit, roasted veggies, a cheese sandwich and an avocado.  Tonight, I have Brussels sprouts but I don't really want to mess up my spotless oven, before I move out tomorrow, so I may have a Naked Juice from Whole Foods. Tomorrow, I can use my brand new juicer in my brand new kitchen, YAY!!! I really need to go grocery shopping after everything is in place, I have one tiny box of food to move. I can't wait for the new year and new beginnings!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 360 Prunes Ahoy!

Well, only five days left of this challenge and then on to the next! For breakfast I had prunes again, (I got prunes in my stocking, thanks Santa for the fiber). For lunch, I was at my mom's who had a ton of Christmas dinner leftovers, but I only had a cheese sandwich and broccoli salad....and a cookie. Tomorrow, I pick up my key for the new house, I'm so excited! I'm also seeing an old friend, who never, ever comes to my neck of the woods and with whom I will NOT be having coffee, due to continuation of said above mentioned challenge. If she were to stay until New Years, we could do Starbucks on January 2nd! Now that not eating out has become a habit, I will probably limit myself to really good restaurants, the occasional coffee house and the very rare sub shop. I will never return  to my old, unhealthy ways, ever, ever, ever......ever again.