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Hello All! My name is Kelley and I created this blog for several reasons. I love to write, I love to entertain, and I am passionate about cooking, saving money, and how food affects our health and our outlook. So here I hope you will follow my challenge and my journey for the next 360+ days. I have decided to eliminate any food, not cooked in a home kitchen, this means I will not utilize ANY restaurant in the next year. I will also not consume any type of soda and will primarily rely on water for hydration. I want to see how my health is affected by this decision and I want to save money as well. I will also be adding recipes that I have collected or that I discover along the way. Walking away from Restaurant food and soda will be a challenge but I think it will be fun and will be an opportunity to hone my cooking skills and help me to save a little bit of moolah. Please feel free to comment and pass the word on any healthy ideas you may have to add. Also, please visit the recipe page often, I will be updating, as I discover new things to cook and don't forget to follow my daily ramblings.