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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 360 Prunes Ahoy!

Well, only five days left of this challenge and then on to the next! For breakfast I had prunes again, (I got prunes in my stocking, thanks Santa for the fiber). For lunch, I was at my mom's who had a ton of Christmas dinner leftovers, but I only had a cheese sandwich and broccoli salad....and a cookie. Tomorrow, I pick up my key for the new house, I'm so excited! I'm also seeing an old friend, who never, ever comes to my neck of the woods and with whom I will NOT be having coffee, due to continuation of said above mentioned challenge. If she were to stay until New Years, we could do Starbucks on January 2nd! Now that not eating out has become a habit, I will probably limit myself to really good restaurants, the occasional coffee house and the very rare sub shop. I will never return  to my old, unhealthy ways, ever, ever, ever......ever again.

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