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Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 352 Chocolate Sweet Potato Torte

I've been searching for a unique Christmas recipe this week and I think I've found it in a Vegetarian magazine. It's a chocolate sweet potato torte and it looks fabulous in the picture. The chocolate is mixed with the sweet potato so it's kind of like a fudgy type of business. I usually make my pineapple coconut chess pie, but staying with the theme of adding vegetables to every possible recipe, this is what I have settled on. Tonight, I had leftover Black Ghost chili and it was just as spicy as it was yesterday. I think that next time, I'm going to add a bigger sliver of the pepper or maybe just swoosh the whole thing around in the chili and see what happens heat wise. After I master the perfect chili blend, I'll work on the hottest salsa in all of creation.

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