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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 350 and 351 Now That's A Spicy Bowl Of Black Bean Ghost Chili!

Yesterday, I stood amongst the hopeful and the desperate to win the 10,000 Christmas raffle in the town where I work. If you shop in local stores, they give you tickets, one of which is the big winner. I did not win, but I did have a hot chocolate in the 55 degree weather, while I waited for my prize. After the raffle, I went Christmas shopping with my brother and so, did not have time to make the pot of ghost chili, I had planned for Saturday. I did make some with Black beans tonight! I added a tiny, tiny sliver of the pepper to the pot and it for sure spiced it up! It was not unbearable to me, but it would have been for most people, I thought it was just right. I lost the little piece in there, so I'm a little wary of catching it unaware, when I have another bowl. Wow, my nose is a little runny and my eyes are a tad watery but all in all, I would call my first ghost chili experience a success, I didn't throw up and I'm not dead! I shall call my recipe Black Ghost Chili.

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