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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 181 Purple Pie And Ice Cream Dinner

I couldn't wait any longer, the blackberries were staring at me through the freezer door, saying "put me in a pie, Kelley"! I was going to wait for the fourth of July, but I've decided that I can make two cobblers in one week. Tomorrow, I am taking the day off, but I'm leaving some cobbler for my faithful co-worker, hopefully it turns out OK. Tonight, I had ice cream for dinner, it was 103 degrees today, with a heat index of 106, I think ice cream was an ideal dinner for such an atrociously lava like day. I truly cannot wait for Fall, I cannot wait for cool weather and Autumn recipes, chowders, stews, pumpkin pies....why can't I make pumpkin pies now? Is there a law that says I have to wait until Thanksgiving? That's bogus.
I think that tomorrow, I'm going to peruse my Thai cookbook for curry squash recipes, I can only fry it so many times, before it's time to find a new recipe. That's not to say that I don't love me some fried squash, but, it's going to be an awfully long summer, with only hot grease as my cooking partner. Thank you for playing, I have to check on my purple pie now.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180 Ode To Baked Goods

Today, I'm dreaming of working in a bakery, the cupcakes and pies don't care what you say, the customers generally don't call you names or throw chairs at the wall. Today, I'm dreaming of being a whole nother person, living in a vastly different world, of my own creation. I want to cook for people, feed people, see the appreciation on someone's face, as they enjoy something delicious, that I have made. How does paperwork feed the soul? It does not. How do numbers and quotas bring warmth and satisfaction to a heart? They can never do such a work. My eyes glaze when I hear the lists and lists of rules that do not apply to coffee cakes and triple fudge brownies. In my world, apple fritters do not require audits, or steering committees, the donut holes roll unassisted by upper management, and the triple layer carrot cake will never ever be downsized in my kitchen.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 179 Horders...Freezer Stories

Sigh....all of this typing is becoming tiresome, but here I sit, click, click, clacking away, attempting to entertain my self and the masses about what I had for dinner, in place of fast food. Well, I'll tell ya, tonight, I had tomatoes, a whole bunch of them, they were delicious and there's not much more to say on the subject. I just squirreled away some more squash in the freezer for the winter and I have to say, it's getting a little crowded in there. Storing food makes me feel very satisfied, I love seeing rows and rows of food, all neatly arranged and ready for the winter. Earlier this week, I was going to make a blackberry cobbler, which I have yet to do, so perhaps, when I'm done bloggedy blog blogging, I'll go ahead and get on that. I kind of don't want to make the cobbler because that means I have to remove the berries from my freezer stash and I like looking at them. I'm so bored, it's no wonder I've become a food horder, I wish I could make a seven tiered cake or the world's biggest lasagna....gotta be something fun out there to make! Perhaps it's just not fun unless I share, I guess I can share cobbler, it's just kind of messy. Oh, I know, I will make my practice county fair cake into cupcakes and share them with those worthy of my company and my creative wares. If you get a cupcake, you know you've made it into the "A" group...hold your breath.

Monday, June 27, 2011

178 Eat Your Wheaties For Fists Of Fury

Uhhhhggg, first day back at work was thrilling as usual, I ate Key lime pie for lunch, narrowly dodged a chair being thrown, and endured several eventful meetings. Later, I'm having a smidge of my ghost chili salsa to release the endorphins and because I haven't had dinner yet, hopefully improving my day. Tonight would also be a good night for chocolate milk, mayhaps I will need to peruse my coupons and head down to the dry goods store for some Hershey's syrup. Tomorrow promises to be just as electric as today, with an extra element of danger, so I am going to have a big, fat, breakfast, with eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and cereal, maybe some Kool-aid for some extra sugar.
Gotta be quick on my feet, mentally alert, and ready for surprises. Does this even make sense? I thought not. The point is that I didn't eat breakfast this morning and I almost got hit with a chair, perhaps if I am more mindful of early morning nutrition, I could be more alert as to say a chair or a fist flying towards my face. Perhaps hash browns will add to my lightning quick reflexes and my catlike agility in dangerous situations. We should all eat breakfast with the expectation of self defense later in the day.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 177 I'm Kind Of Spectacular That Way

Well, I've just returned from my first big couponing haul and I think I did pretty well! My goal of stocking my shelves for winter is coming along swimmingly. While I did the majority of my food shopping last week, this week I went for the household haul. I won't name everything I bought here, but I will say that I will be smelling pretty good for the next year or so, my teeth will sparkle until the end of time, my legs should be smooth until I'm at least forty, and I could stock a women's restroom for the next eight months, I only spent 41.00! I know, that's a lot for extreme couponing but I think it's awesome for my first time.
Tomorrow is my first day back at work after vacation, I'm not even there yet and I'm already looking ahead to my next one in August. I would do anything right now to stay on my present course of lazydome but alas, there are families to be guided and paychecks to be earned...sigh. Next weekend is a long weekend though, yay for the forth of July, can't wait to get my bottle rockets on!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 176 I Heart Free Popcorn

It's almost over, one more day of vacation left and I am so very sad about this. Tonight, I had corn again, I just can't stay away from it, so tasty and summer good! Tomorrow, I may make a blackberry cobbler and some green beans, I haven't really decided yet. I want to make the most of my last day before my return to work, so I may make some dinners to put away in the freezer this week. Earlier, this afternoon, I scored some really great deals! First of all, Wal-mart has just renovated our neighborhood market and sent out 5.00 gift cards in the mail. Normally, I would have probably spent my five dollars on candy or string cheese, but today, I was frugal and bought five large cans of Hunt's pasta sauce to add to my pantry bounty. As I stepped outside, into the sweltering Oklahoma furnace, I heard a voice call out, "free popcorn, free cotton candy"! Well, since I was on my way to the movies, I accepted the free popcorn and stowed it away in my purse! If I had gotten into the movies for free, it would have been a perfect day. Tonight, I have to go to bed early, in order to get to the newspapers before the general population, I'm on a mission for good coupons to increase my survival stash.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 175 Green Corn Crazy

As I wipe the butter off of my face, I think I hear angels singing in the distance, nope that's just the sound of me gnawing on a corn cob, trying to get the last kernel. Today, we went to Conrad farms for the Green Corn Festival, the corn is not really green, but it is very, very, very, fresh. I just had corn for dinner, I bought six ears and I had to put four of them in the freezer to eat for a special occasion, I love corn. If you're in the area, go to Conrad's this weekend, you will not be sorry! I also bought fresh green beans, which I have already snapped and put into the freezer, I bought blackberries for cobbler, and bruised tomatoes 8/1.00 which I have prepared and packaged for the freezer, for sauce. My plan is to have enough food by Fall to last throughout the winter, without having to shop for anything and I hope to do this very cheaply. I'm going to plan out my meals for October through February from what I have "in stock". I will continue to stock my freezer from my mom's garden and my shelves are already starting to fill up, from the 10/10 deal at Food Pyramid this week, I am one prepared girl, ain't no snow gonna hold me back when it comes.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 173 and 174 Extreme Couponing

I need a new challenge like I need a third chin, but here it is! Thanks to my good friend, RK, back in Indiana, I now have a new obsession. Yesterday and today, I have been learning the ins and outs of extreme couponing. Yep, I'm jumping on the cheapskate wagon and I'm already a little addicted. I don't quite have the hang of it yet, but I'm learning more by the minute. Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and took advantage of the 10/10 sales and my cabinets are loaded down. I realized too late that my coupons were horribly disorganized, so today, I created a coupon binder like those nutty TLC ladies on the television. I am not quite as "committed" as others, but I have amassed quite a lot more than I normally would have on hand. At the moment, I have four new toothbrushes, two bottles of shampoo, five bags of pasta, five bags of beans, five boxes of rice, two boxes of bandaids, and a bunch of other stuff. My goal is to spend no more than .50 on an item and to have enough food, to last me throughout the winter, next year. I'm really excited because I love seeing my cabinets full to the brim, makes me feel warm in my tummy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 172 Holy Flaming Ghost Peppers, It's Hot In Here

Today was a day for adventurous eating, for sure, first of all, let me just tell you about my find of the day. If anyone is the least bit familiar with my obsession for pepper heat and my ongoing search for anything made from Ghost peppers, the day has come! Now, please don't consider me naive, I am well aware that only the smallest bit of Ghost pepper could have been used for the salsa on the grocery store shelf, but there it was on the label! Ghost pepper salsa, "scary hot", it warned in frightening font. I almost could not wait to get home to try it, my mom looked at me with doubt and then poured us both a glass of milk for the experiment. I went first.....nothing, and then a whole lotta something, it was HOT!! though not hot enough to keep me from continuing the sweat inducing salsabration. My mother tried it and choked, what a pansy! After, about 1/3 of a cup with chips, my eyes felt like they were bulging, my neck was sweating, and my mouth was a buzzing furnace of molten venom, it was fabulous and I can't wait for round two! Once my face stopped ticking, I made a cake! Not just any cake, I made the first prototype of my county fair cake. I made a Caribbean Mango Spice Cake, and we ate the whole thing, there is nothing left, everyone in the family approves and agrees that it may be Blue ribbon quality. I would say that day two of staycation has been an astounding success!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 171 Blue Ribbon Playa

The first day of staycation has commenced! So far I have seen the movie, Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer, gone extreme cuponing, done a good deed by grocery shopping for my Grandmother, and come up with a new cake recipe in my head. It's a lot, but the week is already speeding by, times a wastin'. One of my goals for the week was to decide on a cake for the county fair and I have decided to make a Mango Salsa cake, I cannot tell you how to make it, it's a secret. Today, having explained my choice to family members, I have received two eye rolls and a "uh, I don't think there's a recipe for that". I assure you that there is indeed a recipe for it, it just hasn't been baked into reality yet. So, get ready Creek Countians, the first ever Mango Salsa cake is on it's way, have our blue ribbon ready, cause we're coming for you! Bring on your pathetic chocolate cakes and your red velvet nonsense, I came to play.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 170 Chocolate Cayenne Peppers

Today has been a pretty tasty day, after a lazy breakfast of biscuits and eggs, I hopped on over to my dad's house for lunch. My mom made taco salad and chocolate cake, which were both fabulous, we used some of the salsa, left over from last year for the salad...it was limey garlicky, good stuff!!  For dinner tonight, I made the squash I picked yesterday. Let me just say that I love, love, love patty pan squash, it has a really good flavor and it's pretty like a flower. The yellow squash were more like blossoms and were really flavorful as well. For dessert, I had two tomatoes, and I may have the banana pepper later. As far as peppers go, banana peppers are not my favorite, but perhaps I can find something interesting to do with it...I wonder if anyone has ever made a pepper bread? Like zucchini bread, only with a bit of a kick? I only have one on hand, so I would probably need a few more, but it is an idea worth exploring! I just had an idea along the lines of mixing peppers with sweets, a cayenne pepper, dipped in chocolate! Perfect! The cayenne's are really long and still green, so it may be a week or two before I can experiment, but I think it could work.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 169 Perfect Saturday

Today was a pretty fabulous day and I even had a picture to prove it, but for some reason, I am unable to send it to my computer from my phone. So, this morning, I started out, sleeping in, I ate some leftover green bean casserole for breakfast, read a little true crime, and then took nap. When I finally emerged from my lazy morning, I went to my mother's to forage around in the garden and came away with a really big patty pan squash, some yellow squash, a huge bannana pepper, and some cherry tomatoes. My mom and I ate the tomatoes while they were still warm from the vine, best tomatoes ever! Later in the afternoon, my brother and I went to the bookstore and schlepped around for awhile and I ended the day eating fried potatoes and watching the Walton's with my mom. At the moment, I am having a glass of lemonade, I have a People magazine, which arrived today, a Mental Floss magazine from the bookstore, and a new John Grisham, I have yet to read. I am prepared for my staycation, as far as food and books go...what more do I need?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 168 Ice Cream Extravaganza and Water Balloon Blowout

Today, we had an ice cream extravaganza at the park to welcome Summer and to spend a little time in the shade. OK, that was corny, there was no shade, it was actually very hot, so hot that the ice cream melted before we even found a picnic table and was basically a warmish liquidy ice cream party. We dropped a whole bag of water balloons and busted them, so we only had about twenty to play with. The ice cream eating contest ended after about five or six spoon fulls of runny Neapolitan and we finally threw the whole mess away and went to play on the monkey bars.
Tonight to kick off my staycation, I had green bean casserole and pink lemonade, a damn good kick off dinner if I ever saw one. Tomorrow, I must go and pick squash, it is time and I am looking forward to another round of fried squash goodness for this weekend's adventure. It is also getting close to salsa time, a time I very much look forward to, as I like to can things and pretend that I'm a prairie widow, canning for my survival against the harsh Oklahoma winters and cattle killing blizzards. Tomorrow, I make pie...stay tuned.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 167 By By Audit Guy Let's Have Some Yippy Pie

Today, the long and drawn out audit of our agency came to an end and I for one am much relieved to move on with my life! I have a million ways I could think of to celebrate, but the only one that makes sense right now, is pie. I want to make a pie, maybe a cobbler, or a meringue, possibly a Key Lime pie, I don't know, I just know that tomorrow, after work, I'm going to make the best most cherished pie, ever born in my kitchen. But first, tomorrow afternoon, we are throwing an impromptu ice cream party in the park for the little angels, we work with. It's going to be a blast, I'm buying several different kinds of ice cream, cones, toppings, whatever goes along with ice cream and we are having a water balloon blowout as well. I'm so excited, I think it will be fun, just hoping some kids show up.
Tonight, I got free food from Whole foods, because the pizza I bought there earlier today was moldy! So, for dinner, I had mashed potatoes, corn, Spanish rice, and steamed broccoli, I'm stuffed like a taxidermy armadillo, not even kidding. I can't wait for tomorrow to be over, my staycation begins around 4:30!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 166 Too Hot To Cook

Today was so hot, I could not bring myself to cook, although I did turn on the oven this morning to finish drying my pants. For dinner, I began with a big thingy of cold grapes and cantelope, in the chill of my icy fresh air conditioner, on the way home. I ate the whole thing in about five minutes. For dinner I had guacamole and chips, along with freezing delicious mineral water. I do not prefer Summer, I prefer cool and comfortable at all times, I will not sweat for my dinner. I really need some hot weater recipes so that I don't have to turn the oven on until Fall. My mom used to make this really good taco salad, with lettuce, cheese, Catalina dressing, Doritos, and olives (she used meat as well). Perhaps I should concoct a vegetarian version, because it's super easy and summery. The other childhood recipe I remembered today was the pineapple salad hoo-ha my mom used to make, it sounds gross but it was really yummy. It was a ring of pineapple on a bed of lettuce, in the middle was a little dollop of mayonaise and a cherry, I'm telling you, it was summer magic, I would not lie about this, just try it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 164 and 165 Starvin Like A Marvin

I'm back, after an unfortunate incident with my laptop power cord, today is a new day! Yesterday, my mom picked squash out of the garden and fried it up like a good Southern momma does, it was fabulous, I can't even begin to describe it. I also have a couple of hot peppers in my purse (in a baggie of course) which are not at all hot, I'm pretty sure my mom picked them too early and they kind of taste like green beans, perhaps they are green beans? Here's hoping that I'm educated enough to tell the difference between the two. There are plenty more peppers on the way though! Today, the first tomatoes were salad ready. I'm so hungry right now, I could eat my own face! I'm not even kidding, I could eat the calf and the cow and run the bull down, that's the level of starvation here. I was on the road most of the day and haven't gotten to chow much yet, so I'm about to get my homemade pizza on......just waiting for it to bake....just waiting. OK, I got nothing else here, I must put food in my mouth.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 163 Silence And Mushrooms

This has to be the quietest weekend in history, I have literally not spoken to anyone except grocery store cashiers! Well, last night, I went out to retrieve the makings for cupcakes and came back instead with ingredients for guacamole, some watermelon, and Crystal Light (the natural kind, no aspartame). So, I didn't make cupcakes but in a little while, I'm making stuffed mushrooms and I'm pretty stoked, although not really that hungry, as I ate most of the above earlier today.
In other news, I haven't gone out to pick my squash from my mom's because I needed alone time and had to forgo fresh garden vegetables in exchange for my sanity, perhaps tomorrow, I will break my vow of silence in order to eat fried squash for dinner. I also want to borrow her ice cream maker, I want to make full fat, peach ice cream with fresh peaches, but I do not wish to share with anyone, least of all my mother, so don't ask. Is that wrong, that I want to borrow her ice cream maker but don't want to share my ice cream? I guess that's the kind of daughter I feel like being today, perhaps said mother will sit in her garden and think about what she has done.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 162 Cupcakes And Bullets

Tonight, I'm contemplating two things, the first is making strawberry cupcakes and the second is watching the movie True Grit. I've been thinking on this for about two hours now and I may be coming to a decision soon. I have the basics for cupcakes, but of course the basics are the path of least resistance, I need to go to the grocery store for real strawberries and maybe some chocolate frosting. Now, as for True Grit, it has Josh Brolin and Matt Damon, what could possible go wrong with that on screen duo? The question arises in the fact that it is a Western, and what if I spend money to watch it and it sucks? OK, here's what I'm going to do, it's about to get dark and I have to get to the store and back before the drive-bys start, so I'll think about the movie on the way. I'm off to the cupcake supply getting place, otherwise known as aisle 8 at the Wal-Mart neighborhood market, wish me luck and bullet resistance in my pursuit of sweets.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 161 The Peppers Are Poppin'

So today, I took the day off in order to work in the office, I know that doesn't make sense. Where I work I have to use a personal day if I want to get paperwork done or have an "office day". If I don't, I am expected to reach a productivity goal, so I took a personal day. During my "free time" today, I contemplated the dilemma of my work sponsored celebration and the fact that it's in a restaurant. When it comes down to it, I will know that I did not complete my mission, at 364 days instead of 365. At this point, I am not going to eat with my team, but I will go with them and will at least get to participate in the games and stuff. Things may change in the next few weeks or so, the outing is July 1. but as of now, this is my decision.
I don't have much in the works tonight, just going to read a book I found at the used book store and perhaps have some mashed potatoes in a while. Tomorrow, I'm going to pick up our first squash and pepper pick, at my mom's. She says that the cayenne peppers are popping out and the squash are a little small, but this is just the beginning. She says, the more you pick, the more will continue to replace them, so I may be having squash for dinner tomorrow! Depending on how many peppers, I have, I may make salsa before the weekend is over, woo hoo!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 160 What To Do What To Do?

OK, here's the situation, today, after an awe-inspiring audit review, my boss and the boss above her, were so impressed with our performance and our results that they are going to treat us to a celebration as a reward. Here's the conundrum, the celebration is at Incredible Pizza, which if you don't already know, is like the Mecca of entertainment. They have bumper cars, bowling, mini golf, arcade games, go-carts, and.....pizza. So here's my delima, do I give myself a gimme for this really great reward or do I sit it out and not eat? My company is paying for it, it's a celebration and my co-workers and I have worked very hard for this break. I don't want to ruin my streak, but I don't want to miss out on a gift either. Technically it's not a fast food establishment, but I haven't eaten at any restaurant for 160 days, I need opinions, so bring it on, what do all of you think I should do I get a gimme or not? I will leave it up to my readers.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 159 Fudgecicles or Sprinkles

It was a good thing I had a hearty breakfast because today was a day for nerves of steel. I started out with eggs with spinach and some fried taters, which got me through to lunch, where a kind co-worker, shared her bounty of white chicken less chili. The chili was damn good, so good, I have to say it again, damn good. I'm going to make said chili at some point in the future, when all of this audit business is behind us. For dinner, I made some lovely cheese enchiladas and Spanish rice, OK I didn't "make" the Spanish rice, it was an already made grocery store item, but it was delicious none the less. It tuns out, I really had no need for the nerves of steel, I fortified myself with this morning, because the families, we work with had nothing but kind words to say to our auditors, they were wonderful and now I can safely put this part behind me. Tomorrow, they examine our files, not too worried though, we've all worked really hard to make them spectacular, and afterward, I plan on having ice cream to celebrate either way. Ice cream from the grocery of course, but ice cream none the less. Depending on how our outlook is at the end of the day, I may add sprinkles or we could go in the opposite direction, if we lose our funding, I'll buy a dollar box of fudgecicles and start looking for another job. Here's hoping for the sprinkles.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 158 Give Me That Tofu Religion

Tonight, I had the best BBQ tofu, ever! I got it from Whole Foods, which is sometimes hit or miss in the world of bean curds. It was so good, I wanted it to go on forever and that's saying a lot for tofu. There are very few people who make good tofu, it has to be cooked exactly right for it to work. A few weeks ago, I had a salad from Whole Foods, with grilled tofu and it was astonishingly disgusting. It had grill marks, like it had been grilled and had a slight burned flavor, but had obviously not been marinated in anything and if you've ever had a piece of unflavored tofu in your mouth, you understand what I'm saying. I myself, have never mastered the art of tofu cookery, I can never get the texture I want. A couple of Thanksgivings ago, I made a pumpkin pie out of tofu and it was a big, fat tasteless disaster, mainly because I could not get it to smooth out. There is one place in the world, within my realm of experience that makes the best tofu in all the heavens. Zen Garden in Louisville, KY. is a vegetarian restaurant, with all kinds of tofu recipes. My favorite is the sweet and sour tofu, it is perfect and is almost indistinguishable from sweet and sour chicken, so gooood! Everything they have is comfort food fabulous, I wish I could teleport myself there right now to chow on some of their lovely spring rolls.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 157 My Noodles My Life

I started out my day with a little candy, had a piece of cake in the middle, some hummus with pita chips thrown in for good measure, and potatoes for dinner. This was in hindsight, a Wheaties kind of day, but I failed in that regard. Today, I cried in front of my co-workers, it's true we were all standing on the edge of a psychotic break, but I was the one who opened the dam. We are so close to our audit and tempers are flaring, no one is smiling, and there's not a potluck in sight....sigh. Oh, how far away our Christmas extravaganza of aught ten seems now. There was so much joy, so many games, so much food. Today, was like a scene out of Wall Street, papers were flying, people were waving their tiny fists, talking above the fray, it was chaos and I can only hope for better times ahead. Today, I'm making a change! Today, I will not worry for the undone or the mistaken, today, I will worry only that the noodles are cooked to exactly seven minutes and that the toothpick comes clean out of the cake. Today, I take back my life!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 156 Gonna Fry Up A Patty Pan

Here I sit, with my hard work reward, a box of Charleston Chews and a cold bottle of MIO water. I have worked hard, I have worked long and my work here is done. I had a lovely lunch with my Grandmother, who made beans and cornbread for a little after church hallelujah. After that, I went to the office to make sure that everything is on the up and up for tomorrow's peer review, and now I'm relaxing in the ice cold comfort of my living room, kicked back in my cozy overstuffed chair...life is decent. I haven't event thought about what I plan to eat tomorrow, but I hear that there may be cake somewhere in the vicinity of the audit site. If it's there, I will find it, yes I will. The days are inching closer to vacation time and I am looking forward to unleashing my pent up creativity, both in the kitchen and in the art of the written word.
In other news, my mother says that we have a wave of squash heading our way and I am too excited to get out there and see it. The patty pan is growing the fastest and to tell you the truth, I've never had patty pan squash, I need to go in search of some fabulous recipes for the little fellers. Here's to squash, vacations, summer, and turtles, I'm pretty keen on those right now. Anyway, here's to all of it!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 155 Hey Mio Water People, Look Over Here!

Well, I can't say that I have gotten around to my cake today, I've been so busy catching up that now I get to get a head a little and I've spent my Saturday doing just that. Today, I will admit has been a peanut butter and ice cream day. I'm thinking of having breakfast for dinner, or maybe just another spoon full of the Jiffy butter. The fact that I was disappointed in my generic ice cream, did not stop me from finishing the pint, remind me never to buy Banana split ice cream, regardless of the brand, I do not like it Sam I am. I was expecting lots of stuff in it and all I came up with was jack, nada, just some old ice cream with swirls in it, who wants that? OK, like I said breakfast for dinner, think I'ma do me up some biscuits and gravy, maybe a little egg action with mushrooms? It all sounds so promising, I can't decide.
While we're on the subject of nothing and everything all at once, I would like to rhapsodize on my new favorite thing, Mio, the water flavor. I like this Mio, but I do not prefer the strawberry-kiwi flavor. This week, I bought the peach tea flavor and it's yummy. It doesn't have any sugar or aspartame in it, so I deem it gooooooood! Maybe if I talk about it, they'll send me some free samples! I love Mio, send mio free Mio!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154 Friday is Spagalicious Spaghetti Night

OK, I'm here now, after driving home from work, cooking dinner, and beginning the weekend, I had to drive 20 miles, all the way back to the office for my power cord. Despite my flakiness, today is a good day because I am done with my silly file corrections, I am ready for the audit! To celebrate a weekend of no work, I started the evening off with some spaghetti and garlic bread, yeah baby! Tomorrow, I'm working on my book and experimenting with my blue ribbon recipe for the county fair. Ahhh, a life of leisure... for a few days at least. Today, I suggested a borrowed idea for a salad potluck after the audit is complete, but alas, my boss says she's not eating salad until the Ecoli outbreak in Europe is over. I'm pretty sure this particular strain of superbug hasn't reached our plates yet, but I'll share my thoughts anyway. People, this is why local is better, this is why growing your own is better! If you grow your own, you have control over how you grow it, what you put on it, and when you pick it, it tastes better and it's not being shipped and handled by a hundred different people. OK, enough of the soapbox, I'll just say this and then I'll shut up, if you can't grow your own, go to the farmer's market, it's summer time, there's probably one close by.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 153 Not Really About Food Today

Today, I'm a little sad to hear that someone was killed in my parking lot last night, shot dead. I went to the grocery store at some point, after I normally would be out. Who knows how close we come every day to danger like that. I used to go out at all hours, for food, for entertainment, just to drive, now I feel like staying in the house, not even take a chance. I realize that it is not practical to think like that, but how can you not? If the events of last night weren't enough, When I got off of work today, the news said that there was a shooting, at the shopping center where I spend my time and money. It happened in a salon, where my brother gets his hair cut every couple of weeks. I don't know what else to say, it's a sad day, maybe tomorrow will be about food.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 151 and 152 A Little Bit Of Torte In My Life

Wow, yesterday and today have been nothing but driving, typing, and talking. At least my house is sparkling like a snowflake. I went on a cleaning binge in between not having time to eat a decent meal and working; in doing so, I came up with a lovely kitchen table, that I don't want to mess up by having dinner there.
Tonight, I made roasted potatoes, and ate off a paper plate because I don't want to add washing a dish to my already over full schedule of keeping the world from falling apart. Wait! I take all of that back, I forgot that yesterday, after a grinding day of pointlessly guiding children towards good decisions, I did stop to make bean and cheese tortes! At least I think it was a torte, I layered corn tortillas, with beans, cheese, onions, salsa, and corn and baked it. Whatever it was, it was a decent meal, I was wrong earlier, sometimes I forget about those little moments.
On another note, I just had a craving for pound cake, perhaps a little Sara Lee from the grocery store is in my future tonight, I have lots of strawberries left but nothing to pour them over! That is just unacceptable.