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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 151 and 152 A Little Bit Of Torte In My Life

Wow, yesterday and today have been nothing but driving, typing, and talking. At least my house is sparkling like a snowflake. I went on a cleaning binge in between not having time to eat a decent meal and working; in doing so, I came up with a lovely kitchen table, that I don't want to mess up by having dinner there.
Tonight, I made roasted potatoes, and ate off a paper plate because I don't want to add washing a dish to my already over full schedule of keeping the world from falling apart. Wait! I take all of that back, I forgot that yesterday, after a grinding day of pointlessly guiding children towards good decisions, I did stop to make bean and cheese tortes! At least I think it was a torte, I layered corn tortillas, with beans, cheese, onions, salsa, and corn and baked it. Whatever it was, it was a decent meal, I was wrong earlier, sometimes I forget about those little moments.
On another note, I just had a craving for pound cake, perhaps a little Sara Lee from the grocery store is in my future tonight, I have lots of strawberries left but nothing to pour them over! That is just unacceptable.

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