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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 169 Perfect Saturday

Today was a pretty fabulous day and I even had a picture to prove it, but for some reason, I am unable to send it to my computer from my phone. So, this morning, I started out, sleeping in, I ate some leftover green bean casserole for breakfast, read a little true crime, and then took nap. When I finally emerged from my lazy morning, I went to my mother's to forage around in the garden and came away with a really big patty pan squash, some yellow squash, a huge bannana pepper, and some cherry tomatoes. My mom and I ate the tomatoes while they were still warm from the vine, best tomatoes ever! Later in the afternoon, my brother and I went to the bookstore and schlepped around for awhile and I ended the day eating fried potatoes and watching the Walton's with my mom. At the moment, I am having a glass of lemonade, I have a People magazine, which arrived today, a Mental Floss magazine from the bookstore, and a new John Grisham, I have yet to read. I am prepared for my staycation, as far as food and books go...what more do I need?

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