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Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 154 Friday is Spagalicious Spaghetti Night

OK, I'm here now, after driving home from work, cooking dinner, and beginning the weekend, I had to drive 20 miles, all the way back to the office for my power cord. Despite my flakiness, today is a good day because I am done with my silly file corrections, I am ready for the audit! To celebrate a weekend of no work, I started the evening off with some spaghetti and garlic bread, yeah baby! Tomorrow, I'm working on my book and experimenting with my blue ribbon recipe for the county fair. Ahhh, a life of leisure... for a few days at least. Today, I suggested a borrowed idea for a salad potluck after the audit is complete, but alas, my boss says she's not eating salad until the Ecoli outbreak in Europe is over. I'm pretty sure this particular strain of superbug hasn't reached our plates yet, but I'll share my thoughts anyway. People, this is why local is better, this is why growing your own is better! If you grow your own, you have control over how you grow it, what you put on it, and when you pick it, it tastes better and it's not being shipped and handled by a hundred different people. OK, enough of the soapbox, I'll just say this and then I'll shut up, if you can't grow your own, go to the farmer's market, it's summer time, there's probably one close by.

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