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Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 161 The Peppers Are Poppin'

So today, I took the day off in order to work in the office, I know that doesn't make sense. Where I work I have to use a personal day if I want to get paperwork done or have an "office day". If I don't, I am expected to reach a productivity goal, so I took a personal day. During my "free time" today, I contemplated the dilemma of my work sponsored celebration and the fact that it's in a restaurant. When it comes down to it, I will know that I did not complete my mission, at 364 days instead of 365. At this point, I am not going to eat with my team, but I will go with them and will at least get to participate in the games and stuff. Things may change in the next few weeks or so, the outing is July 1. but as of now, this is my decision.
I don't have much in the works tonight, just going to read a book I found at the used book store and perhaps have some mashed potatoes in a while. Tomorrow, I'm going to pick up our first squash and pepper pick, at my mom's. She says that the cayenne peppers are popping out and the squash are a little small, but this is just the beginning. She says, the more you pick, the more will continue to replace them, so I may be having squash for dinner tomorrow! Depending on how many peppers, I have, I may make salsa before the weekend is over, woo hoo!

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