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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 120 Weekend Eats And Picks

It is time again to roll out the very pretty Thai cookbook, I got for my birthday last year. I think that I'm going to make Sunday dinner out of it tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I've picked a winner. I'm going to make egg-fried rice with vegetables and crispy onions, or khao-khai pak horm-tord. Ahhh, two fresh red chilies indicated by the recipe are pretty much a guarantee of something fabulous, perhaps I'll add one more, just for giggles. I would like to use sticky, sweet rice for this concoction, but I don't know where to buy it or even if it would work as a stir-fry and the book doesn't say. I think a little bit of sweet would be fabulous with the heat, but who am I? I didn't write the cookbook.
Today, I was glad not to have to eat crappy fast food, I watched my mom and my brother spend quite a lot of money for a meal that both of them, kind of mindlessly ate, in a dirty, empty Carl's Jr. the whole thing was a little sad and disgusting all at the same time. On another note, the garden is coming along swimmingly, the peppers are standing tall, the squash looks pretty good, and the cabbage bugs have so far not eaten my brussell sprouts, can't wait to start picking stuff and am very much looking forward to a big fat tomato, round about the fourth of July.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 119 How Much Longer Now?

It's Friday again, one more week down in this absurd mission, honestly, who thought of this? I certainly can't do anything half way and I did not think this thing through in it's entirety, back in January. I'm bored, hungry for some Thai food or a pizza buffet, and getting a little sick of blogging about it! None the less, despite my bad attitude, I have made it through another day, unscathed by Sonic or Mazzio's pizza. At the moment, I'm sipping funny tasting water from my new filtered pitcher and having a strange dinner of potatoes and an English muffin, with strawberry cream cheese. I'm very confused by the water, it tastes like burned plastic, it's not supposed to have any taste at all, which leads me to believe that I have not properly processed the stupid thing and am now drinking some sort of ironic toxic water caused by the useless filter. Perhaps if I had a package of Kool-aid, I could mask the taste...I really wish I had a Coke right now, I would give anything to plant my face underneath a soda fountain at the nearest Quick Trip gas emporium and end this madness! I just need some fizz, a little sugar, a little Mountain Dew, a smidge of Dr. Pepper, oh the torture of this asinine idea!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 118 Torture Me With Nachos

Today, I was tortured by a staff lunch with co-workers and redeemed with my own masterful dinner made in memory of that rejected meal. My boss hates this challenge because it makes her feel guilty to eat in front of me, during staff events. Once again, I assured her that I don't care if others enjoy restaurant food in my presence, I'm just not going to join in. So, the decision was made to convene our meeting at the Mexican joint across the street from our office, I went along but of course did not order. Let me just say that it smelled divine and the warm chips were sitting just to my right, close enough to snatch one if I had wanted to. The tortillas, the cheese, the fajitas, the guacamole, made me want to abandon this stupid challenge and call it 117 days down and a success. I did not give in, instead, I decided to plan what I would make for dinner, as the others got their queso on. This evening, I made a big plate of nachos, with a cheese sauce I made myself, black beans, guacamole, and salsa, they were the best nachos ever and I didn't have to share with anyone. Best of all, I ate them, knowing that I didn't have to go back to work when I finished. Another day another lunch, I may make it through this century of a year.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 117 Oklahoma Spagehtti

Today is a day for pasta, baked pasta with cheese and garlic bread, which I am at this very instant slaving over, as I type. I miss one of my favorite Italian restaurants back in Indiana, it wasn't that the food was so great, although it was pretty good. It's more about the atmosphere of the outdoor patio, on the Ohio river, it's about the dozens of times I sat in the breeze with my friends, over some celebration or other. Being in the presence of my friends, the rolling river, good bread and olive oil were at times all I needed in life. I must say that this scene was repeated numerous times at any given place in town, so it was maybe not so much the restaurant as the people and the particular time in my life. I suppose this time in my life has it's perks as well, for instance, I don't have to share my spaghetti or my garlic bread, I don't have to split the bill or leave a tip, and I have a great view of my dog lying on the couch. Not the same but it will do for now, here's to my friends back home, Rocky's on the river and pasta from my kitchen.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 116 Never Too Late For Pancakes

Today, I don't have a lot to say about food, it just hasn't really crossed my mind in the past 13 hours. In a little while, I'm going to stuff those Jalepenos, as I said I would last week. It's been a REALLY long day, but I'm afraid the peppers will start to go bad, so, stuff them I must. Today, I was literally out on the prairie, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wheat and not much else, I wonder what a stalk of wheat would taste like? Maybe it wasn't even wheat I was looking at, maybe it was just grass, who's to know the difference if it's not shaped like a loaf of bread? I started out my day kind of empty and am just now getting around to eating real food. I've been drinking water and eating snacky kind of stuff, so I'm in the market for something substantial, maybe some squash to go with my peppers.....or pancakes? Mmmm, French toast would be fabulous, a cheese omlette, I'm kind of in breakfast mode right now, perhaps, the peppers can wait until tomorrow, yes breakfast is calling and I must heed the call. Ok, here's the plan, peppers and squash in the cheese omlette with cornmeal pancakes, yep that's it! Thank you blog for allowing me to process my meal time cunundrum.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 115 Two Frozen Thumbs Up

Today, I must comment on a perfectly acceptable frozen food item. Generally, I do not find frozen foods delicious or respectable and only eat them, when I have not been on the ball in regard to preparing lunch. Today, was one of those days and I found myself in the frozen food section of the supermarket, not at all excited about my prospects. Of all the boring, bland frozen options out there, I prefer Amy's brand, because they are one of the few vegetarian options and I believe one of the healthier choices. So, without fanfare or excitement of any kind, I chose the Amy's bean and cheese pizza bites. I was not expecting anything spectacular, but I have to say that they were not too bad! Anything with a bean/cheese combination is pretty good, I think, they were almost like tiny bean burritos, I did not get a pizza feel from them. So, yes I would buy them again, they have made the list of acceptable grocery items. I wonder how hard it would be to make my own pizza bites? It couldn't be that difficult, of course the trick would be to find the right kind of dough, maybe biscuit dough? Hmmm, maybe I'll try it sometime and share the results. I could make some really unique combinations, like feta and pineapple or something equally California kitchen-ish. We shall see what kind of magic, I can conjure in the kitchen.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 114 Marshmallow Bunnies And Easter Naps

Well, I was not struck down by lightning, when I entered the church today, I sat, I listened, I chewed gum, and afterward....I ate. I did not realize we were having such a gigantic lunch but gigantic it was. We had baked sweet potatoes, lima beans, rolls, deviled eggs, Au gratin potatoes, an assortment of raw veggies, blackberry cobbler, and cherry cheesecake. After I ate that, I raided one of the kid's Easter baskets for marshmallow chocolate bunnies and other pastel goodies. I was so full, I had to lie on the couch for a really long time, because I was paralyzed with holiday joy and sleepiness. I don't think I'm going to have dinner tonight and I may not have lunch tomorrow, I cannot believe I ate that much! Oh, I got a really good Easter present from  my Grandmother, it's a water filter pitcher, I'm processing it right now and soon, I will have purified water. I mean, I like tap water but it will be nice to not worry about a microscopic rave going on in my glass of H20. I have nothing else to impart, I can barely move, much less type.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 113 Five Star Garden

After today, our garden is now closed for planting, all spaces are full, no more vacancy. We have even spilled out into the space around the outside of the garden gate. We have about a gillion tomato plants, Cayenne peppers, Purple Tiger peppers, Serranos, Habeneros, banana peppers, yellow squash, patty pan squash, zucchini, cucumbers, lima beans, pie pumpkins, and cantaloupes. We are eating good this summer! Once again, my mom and I will be in the salsa canning business, although sadly, unless our luck changes, it will be made sans ghost peppers. Today, the very same people who were sold out last week were sold out again this week! What does a girl have to do to get a mouth blistering, medical/military grade pepper around here? A lady told me today that the OSU extension office has a pepper, which they are not selling and only using for medicinal purposes and requires protective equipment to handle. Hmmm, this sounds like the elusive ghost chili to me. My mother is relieved to say the least, she's really afraid that it will crawl out of the garden and attack her sensitive stomach in the middle of the night, come on mom, it's good for you! A pepper a day keeps the stroke away...I'm pretty sure, in any case there will be plenty of other peppers for magical sweat inducing salsa. Bring on the slugs and the garden gnomes we came to play.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 112 Community Potluck Shinanigans

So, my little anti-drug action group is hosting a community potluck, this is a big step for me, because it will mean eating food, prepared by others in unknown kitchens. I guess when I was eating meals out a lot, it was pretty much the same thing, only this is more personal. I know that most people eat hot dogs and such, so we are going to take advantage of the grills in the park and start off with a hot dog cook out, hopefully some other people will show up and bring other stuff. My mom is bringing drinks. That is it so far......I can only hope that people want to meet their neighbors and have a nice afternoon, we're also having a water gun war, super excited about this one! Anyway, I need a really good, community boosting recipe, that won't make anyone sick if it's in the sun too long and will be economical, as well as delicious, and filling, perhaps a bundt cake? I don't know anything about bundt cakes, but I think people like them? Or baked beans, I make killer baked beans and everyone likes those. This is going to be so fun, I can't wait to start cooking and mingling. I feel confident that building community is the first step in eliminating drug crimes, so let's get to it!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 111 Sassy Fruit

Here's a little how do you do, to a fabulous new discovery, stumbled upon down at the Reasor's Food Market and Grocerteria. First let me say, that it was an extra special discovery since it was free/ in exchange for a favor from a co-worker. Here's hoping she gets high marks in her class for my participation, in said counseling for snacks trade off. Anyway, the fabulous discovery was......wait for it.......dried mangos, covered in sugar and.......wait some more.....chili pepper. Yes, that's right, sugary, spicy, vitamin B loaded, slivers of goodie goodie mango slices. They made my day AND she also bought me honey flavored Greek yogurt, which I dipped the mangos into, creating a volatile and expressive mixture of flaming yumminess, I was in the land of milk and honey...and peppers all at the same time. She wasn't done yet, as I mournfully passed by the frozen food section, denying myself of the Friday's Stuffed Peppers, because this would be a breach of my self imposed contract, my co-worker/food conspirator, suggested I make my own stuffed peppers! Why didn't I think of this before? This weekend, I am going to create my own cheese stuffed Jalapenos and perhaps make a blooming onion while I'm at it. Hmmm, perhaps after I re-create Friday's, I'll take on another cheesy chain store menu...muuuuhahhhhahhhahh, and then the world!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 110 Salad Of Legends

Today, I was complaining and wishing for a big salad bar, not situated in a fast food joint, when someone had a great idea for an office potluck. Yeah I know, I've done the potluck schtick before but this is not just any old pitch in, but a big fat salad potluck and I am in full agreement and compliance with said brilliant idea!  What is a salad pot luck you ask? Well, I'll tell you, everyone brings their favorite salad ingredient and boom, instant party. Think of the possibilities, I mean if it's a small group, then of course everyone brings two things but, if  a big meeting were in the works, that's like twenty different ingredients and no, everyone cannot bring a different kind of lettuce, there should be rules! There will of course be the schmuck as usual who's contribution is lackluster...a head of brownish iceberg anyone? But I feel certain that most cannot screw up this task, think about it, cheeses, croutons, olives, a plethora of sprinkles galore! This will be the best pitch till you win, ever. I believe that I shall contribute artichoke hearts and black currants, maybe some fancy cheese as well. This giant salad is destiny, the reason this particular group of people have come together on earth, this salad will be a salad of legend....if no one forgets the Blue cheese dressing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 109 Hunt For The Ghost Chili

Today, I continue my mission to find a Buht Jolokia AKA Ghost chili, for the garden. My mom asks me why I want this pepper and claims she will not allow it near the regular peppers, for fear of spreading the heat. I think she fears the spread of personality and pzazzle, myself. The articles I've found on this pepper, compare it to battery acid  or worse. I'm in. Apparently, you can only consume tiny pieces at a time and must remove the piece you are using to heat a recipe, a small piece will heat an entire meal. If I find this spicy little pepper baby, I will make the hottest salsa, ever consumed on the planet and I will throw a party in it's honor. I cannot wait. If I can get to the Jenks Herb fest early enough on Saturday, hopefully I can find someone who has not sold out, if not, I will search high and low, I will travel to India and I will score a ghost chili, as God is my witness. Last Saturday, while pepper hunting, I had an idea, I know that you cannot cross strawberries and peppers, but how good would that be? I proposed this out loud and a friend suggested mixing pepper oil and sugar and dipping the strawberries in it, Oh my, what a flipping mouth circus that would be! Now, where do I find pepper oil? Maybe I could make pepper oil, by infusing my favorite pepper in olive oil? Not sure if that's how you do it, but couldn't hurt to try!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 108 What Kind Of Fresh New Hell Is This?

Today, I discovered Healthy Choice Nature's something or other, it sucked. After being informed by my boss that I "always put a chink in her plans" by not eating out, I  passed up yet another lunch with co-workers, during a day long training. Instead, I went across the street to the grocery store to forage for lunch. It was at the Warehouse market where I found the aforementioned sucky lunch. The name was promising, Portabella Marsala Pasta, it smelled pretty good, it dumped out onto the plate with promise, but that was where the goodness ended. It had some sort of thin, greasy juice, mushrooms, and fat doughy noodles, the mushrooms were OK, but the juice just slid off off the noodles, leaving them, bland and naked. Luckily, I also bought a baggie of browning cauliflower and broccoli, which I ate despite the discoloration, with vegetable dip from a tub. For dinner I had ice cream, garlic bread, and potatoes, I know, not the best, but I was not in a place to accept a  healthy, ambitious plate of vegetables. I may try to work some of my anger out, with a second bowl of ice cream and carmel, later.....everyone who doubts my will, can suck a rotten eggplant.http://www.fastfoodboycott.blogspot.com/

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 107 Broken Bunny Pie

Yesterday, at the herb fest was fun, but today I am paying for it dearly. Just for background information, two years ago, I was in a bad accident and broke my leg, as well as some other stuff. I generally can't walk for hours and yet I did yesterday, in the pursuit of hot peppers. Today, I am a gimp with a pirate leg so, I rolled out my trusty chair on wheels and made breakfast, lunch, and dinner from my comfy perch. This reminds me of a recipe I invented, the Christmas after my accident, which was only about one month after it happened. I called it Cripple Christmas pie, because I made the whole thing sitting, I was determined to contribute even in my smashed up state. Since then, I have also made this pie for Easter, as it's more of a spring creation anyway. Here it is:

Cripple Christmas Pie/or Broken Bunny Pie for Easter (if you want to be dull call it a Coconut Pineapple Chess pie)

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 8-ounce can crushed pineapple, undrained
  • 4 tablespoons melted butter
  • 2 cups of dried coconut
  • 1 unbaked pie crust


Heat oven to 325, beat eggs and mix all ingredients except butter. Pour mixture into pie crust and dot the top with butter. Bake until firm and brown, maybe 35 minutes.

Good luck, if you want to be authentic, sit in a rolling kitchen chair or a computer chair, while making this fabulous pie.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 106 Holy Ghost Chili Of A Funnel Cake

Wow, today was a labyrinth of fast food land mines and soda pop pit falls. My entire day was a corner to corner street fair of greasy carnival goodness and temptations a plenty. The Herb fest was about herbs and plants, yes, but it was also an excuse for vendors to trot out funnel cakes and blooming onions, left and right. I was good, I ducked my head into my chin and swam headlong into the fray of greasy aromas and sugared chins. I didn't even buy a water, first of all, the only options for bathrooms were porta-johns so I didn't want to drink anything for fear of germ exposure and second, the water was like 5.00! I gave myself a limit of spending money and came away with four cayenne pepper plants, a tiger pepper, a curry plant, one lavender plant, and two strawberry plants. I know this sounds like a light load, but next weekend is the second herb fest and I plan to find some additional peppers then. I searched and searched for a Ghost pepper, but the one vendor who had them, was sold out. I WANT A GHOST CHILI if I have to travel to Pakistan to get it, (she screamed, stomping her feet) Kind of like "I want an OompaLoompa now Daddy!" If I don't get one, I may just start to scream and never stop.
I've already planted my regular peppers, they are safely tucked into their dirt beds and my mom will find a place for the others tomorrow, also she found some sugar pie pumpkin seeds and will plant those as well. Everything else has it's place and now we wait for our little sprouts, can't wait!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 105 Rotten Kids and Questionable Broccoli

Today, I was so busy chasing runaways and teaching people to be good citizens, that I almost didn't have time to eat the decaying broccoli in the fridge at work. I managed to take a break in between scouring the streets for wayward children and catching another red handed, skipping school. As I dove into my bag of broccoli, I noticed that one piece was crusted with mud or...something. The bag claimed that said product was washed and ready to eat. I did not eat, I tossed it in the garbage, I just can't trust that what I saw was dirt and I'm a little paranoid, when it comes to food. It's just too bad that I ate half the bag earlier this week, without knowing of it's tainted nature.
For dinner, I'm having another homemade pizza, this one with mushrooms, onions, and pineapple, some potato salad, and a big icy glass of Pomegranate lemonade . I'm going to eat this while sitting in my overstuffed recliner, watching the newest episode of The Office. Tomorrow is the long awaited herb festival and I'm so excited, I will make a list of my strategy and what I plan to buy. Yes, you do need a strategy, otherwise, you will fall victim to the blue hairs, snatching plants from your hands and rolling over your feet with  their Hover Rounds. I will be prepared and I will come home bearing fruits, vegetables, and herbs...God save the garden, let's get ready to rumble.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 104 Storm's Comin' Let's Eat

I'm sitting in my little apartment, listening to the tornado sirens and reading about the last meals of the Titanic passengers. This has led me to wonder, what would be an appropriate last meal, before being spirited away, by one of Oklahoma's finest twisters? My final meal would have to include the ice cream I just bought at the grocery store, because, I mean it was like five bucks, can't waste the Blue Bunny butter brickle ice cream. If I were about to go swirling into the abyss, this little experiment would be out the window, so to speak. I would go out into the back yard and buy all of the 20oz. Cokes out of the machine, then I would guzzle them, one by one, until the walls came crashing down. I may include my brand new loaf of soft white bread, dipped in melted sugar butter and cinnamon, as well as, a spoon and the rest of the icing left over from my cake. If I had time, I would make some cheese enchiladas, or maybe just melted cheese in a bowl, if the twister was really bearing down upon my abode. That's it, that would be my last meal, now I'm going to crack open the Blue Bunny and wait for the baseball sized hail to knock on my door...see ya around!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 103 The Icing Cure

Today was bad, today was a day intended for bad food. It should have been filled with liters of soda, personal pan pizzas, Chinese buffets, and Jamoca milk shakes. The world turned upside down, shook the change out of my pockets, messed up my hair, and gave me a swirly, it was rough.  Today, my co-worker replaced the icing on my 100 day cake, while I was taking care of crisis number 3 on the phone. Later, I added icing to my peanut butter cheese crackers. No, it was not a good day at all. For dinner, I rebounded slightly and made stuffed portabellas and cornbread salad.
Tomorrow, I can only hope for a better day and maybe some fruit for lunch, I do believe that strawberries could have a counter-active effect on today's badness. Berries make me happy, I will be a fruititarian for the day. I have nothing else to say about this monstrosity of an 8 hour drama fest, thank you, drive through please.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 102 Food Baby Rents Space In My Belly

Today, I had the best lunch and plenty of time to eat it, which is a really great combination. Even though I ate a really, really lot, it was all healthy stuff, I had broccoli and guacamole and an Amy's veggie burrito. Although Amy's is healthier and vegetarian than say Taco Bell, it's downfall was the price. 2.69 for one burrito. It was so good, but I'm a little ashamed of myself for not making another round of beans for a few cents really, and creating my own burritos again, because that's essentially what I ate anyway. I also had jello, I don't really even like jello and it is made from the gelatin in horse's hooves but It was just so red and shiny and refreshing, I had to have it. Oh, I almost forgot, I also finished scraping the icing off of my 100 day cake, which was uber satisfying and sugary, so sugary, I almost fell asleep at my desk from the sheer joy and insulin-ness of it all. OK, so it wasn't all healthy, I gotta do better, but I'm still on the wagon as far as my mission goes. This weekend, I'm going to make my brother a cheesecake, because he was accepted into the National Technical Honor society and I am super proud of him, he deserves something fabulous and cheesy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 101 The Sneaky Garden Pumpkin

Today, I was surprised at work, with a homemade 100 day mile marker cake! It was delicious, I ate it for breakfast and for lunch....and for snack. I left it on my desk for fear that I would finish it for dinner and that's just unacceptable. After the cake, someone else gave me some really fancy sweet and spicy trail mix, it was a great day all around, gastronomically speaking. After all of the snack activity, I just had a grilled cheese with pickles for dinner and a glass of milk, sometimes less is more. So, this weekend is the weekend I've been waiting for, the Sand Springs Herb Festival! The herb fest has herbs of course, but also anything and everything you could ever wish to plant in a garden. The dirt is ready, now we need plants, we are, against my wishes, going simple this year. My mom says we will plant tomatoes, peppers, squash, and cucumbers, how boring is that? I of course get my choice of peppers, so I'm going to research and find the hottest pepper available in this area and also, I'm planting pie pumpkins for fall recipes. I'm going to plant pumpkins, even if I have to sneak them into the ground. By the time my mom finds them, it will be too late, muuhaha! I'm so disappointed, I wanted spinach and eggplant, and watermelons! At least we don't have to waste space on carrots, that would be a terrible move and just plain garden sacrilege.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Days 99 and 100 Corn, It's What's For Dinner

It's good to be back on the blog rolls, after having lost my Internet connection to upwardly mobile neighbors. I am now a paying customer, with a legit connection and everything. So, yesterday was day 99 and today is day 100! Wow, I cannot believe that I have made it this far, I'm almost 1/3 of the way there.
This weekend, I have been really nice to myself and even went down to the farmer's market on Saturday. Let me just say, that the farmer's market is NOT like the farmer's markets back in Indiana. I didn't see one single Amish family selling cinnamon rolls and nary a hippie in sight was playing the sitar (google it), in fact, there were no hippies in sight at all. There was no music, no incense, no art!  There were also no vegetables, there were lots of old ladies selling tomato plants and pepper plants, soap, and lots of other plants but there was not one bin of vegetables. I know, I know, it's still really early, but I really wanted some fresh veggies! Not even a cob of corn, I tell you. So, alas, I walked through the farmer's market in about 30 seconds and went to the grocery store instead, where I bought some corn on the cob. It was the best corn on the planet, until today, when I had the same thing for lunch at my Grandmother's, we all sat at the table chipmunking our corn and licking our fingers, it was spectacular! I could eat fresh corn every day of my life and never get tired of it. I can't wait for veggie season with all of the fresh stuff to come, let's get it in the ground and get going! I'm starving!


Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 98 Blessed Bullbs of Stink Breath

MMMMhmmmm, Friday is homemade pizza night, I almost bought a frozen one at Wal-mart but changed my mind at the last second. Instead, I had a cheese pizza with roasted garlic; I love garlic roasted and otherwise. Someday, I hope to go back to San Francisco to eat at the Stinking Rose restaurant, I’ve studied their menu and must try everything, including; I’m not ashamed to admit, pork. They have some sort of pig, raised on garlic, stuffed with garlic, and otherwise just jam packed and cooked with garlic. That’s right, I would eat a pig, if it contained a hogs worth of garlic goodness. This menu is amazing; I think I even saw garlic ice cream as a choice. If we all ate that much garlic, we would probably be healthier for it. Garlic is good for lots of stuff and if I could find my lost herb book, I would list all of them right now. One winter, I ate garlic every day and never had a cold that season, amazing stuff. Roasting is really easy, just peel the papery stuff off and cover the pods in olive oil, place them in the oven until soft and fragrant and eat them in salad, on pizza, antipasta, whatever peels your banana, and don’t worry about your breath, garlic gives you a brilliant personality.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 97 KFC VS. Me

Tonight we celebrate a family's graduation from our services, which usually includes fast food. We buy the food, the family eats the food, and in the old days, I would eat as well, not so tonight. They have requested KFC vegetables and a pizza. Let me just say, that I LOVE KFC's side dishes. I love the mashed potatoes, I love the corn on the cob, the biscuits, the mac & cheese, love it all. Tonight, I will comfort myself with visions of grocery store excursions, which will take place later tonight. I'm dreaming of gallons of milk, loaves of bread, bags of lettuce....nope, not the same thing, perhaps I should attempt to re-create a KFC meal in my kitchen tonight. Yes, that's exactly what I plan to do. I will bake the biscuits and boil the corn, YES I will! Let us not forget the beans and the tater babies, if only I could re-create tater babies, but I think the chain has the corner market on those precious spears of potato love.
Dinner dreams aside, for lunch today, I made some fabulous guacamole, right here at my desk, complete with lime juice and everything, who needs a kitchen, when you have a fairly clean desk? I now have leftover limes, not sure what to do with those? Maybe some sort of beverage..hmmmm? Perhaps key lime pie is in my future? Who knows, I just know I'm eating well tonight!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 95 and 96 Back In The Food Groove

Soooo, the fast to protest Republican backed budget cuts ended at dinner time last night, I could not endure. I did manage to get through breakfast and lunch and honestly, I've kind of been on a fast here in the past 96 days and that has been a sacrifice and a half. I was so hungry when I got home yesterday, that I made 4 pieces of garlic toast and a LOT of pasta. It was so good, it was the best meal ever, I kid you not. Today, I did not even attempt to begin the fast again, I had a cheese muffin and a cranberry juice. I do not feel guilty, I did the best I could. Anyway, I believe that the fat cats proposing the budget cuts should be the ones to skip a few meals anyway, not the already hungry mass populace. Tomorrow is grocery day, woo hoo! Can't wait to re-stock and make some new things, the car repairs kind of put a crunch on my food money, so after tomorrow, I'll be back to creation and not just survival.
Unfortunately, my wifi is still down until Saturday, when I will become the owner and financier of legitimate Internet service, hopefully then, my blogging will not be interrupted by neighbors who move in the middle of the night and I can update some of my other pages and recipes. Stay tuned, I'll be back in the groove soon.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 94 Bad Bad Really Nasty Pasta

Oh, Drat! Whomever was providing my free WiFi signal has apparently moved out and taken my Internet capabilities with them, which is why I am late in posting yesterday's update. Last night I began the big carb push before my two day fast. I really messed up the pasta, I mean really, I ended up feeding it to my dog, who messes up pasta? I basically made noodles with some left over powdered cheese BLECHT! and added pasta sauce. I should have left the powdered cheese in the box, because it ruined what promised to be a delightful dinner, my dog however, loved it. I saved the screw up with some really good garlic bread, made of sandwich buns, I'm nothing if not flexible in my attempts at home cooking. I was really starting to get worried about the fast and had planned to eat, right up until midnight, I fell asleep and did not finish my planned snack fest. I did drink LOTS of water to try and fool my tummy, but I think the jig is up...don't know if I'm going to last the full 2 days!www.fastfoodboycott.blogspot.com

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 93 Budget Cut Protest Fast Coming Up

Today, I am in preparation mode, I'm getting ready for my two day fast and I made my Oklahoma food co-op grocery list for next month. I didn't realize that there were so many options, I thought I would only be able to order vegetables, but no! I added breads, pizza crust, snacks, cheese, yogurt, eggs, all kinds of stuff! There are some things I won't order, like bottled water, I have no problem with tap water and it's free. I also won't buy already made lasagnas and such, which were like 22.00/pan although I did see some vegetarian options, I can make my own for less. I didn't see many vegetables, but it's still early. I did add baby spinach and goat cheese, which sounds like a good start to a fabulous salad. I'm really excited about the cheese and the yogurt...I've always wanted to be a cheese farmer or a butter churner. I was a little disappointed at the lack of fruit, but hey it's Oklahoma and it's April, what do I expect? I'm sure that when summer rolls around, there will be an explosion of berries, which I do not need to order, I can just walk down to the creek on my parent's property and find all the blackberries I want.
In other news, the giant pot of soup I made last night is already boring me, I ate it for lunch and for dinner, hopefully when I get to the fast, I won't miss it too much. Wish me luck, one more day of consumption before I turn off my mouth for two days!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 92 That's A Mighty Big Pot Of Soup

I just made a pot of soup that probably weighs about 10 gallons, I'm not even making that up. I basically added every vegetable in my kitchen, nary a cabinet or can was missed. I started out with the collard greens and then I found a squash on top of the microwave, well it didn't look right with just those two vegetables, so I added and then I added some more. I added an onion, some fresh green beans, a can of corn, some broccoli, a tomato, and a can of beets. As much as I dislike beets in general, the juice is pretty good for a soup base, not bad at all! In the end, I also threw in the beans and rice I had left over from this week. My soup has two purposes this week. First of all, I will of course eat it today, tomorrow, and Monday, but on Tuesday and Wednesday, I am joining the fast to protest the Republican favored budget cuts, which will literally take food out of people's mouths. So, I will save the broth and only drink water and broth for the two days I have chosen next week, if things go well, I may add a third day. It all kind of falls into place, since Thursday is grocery day and I'm down to the soup anyway. I did find some bread yeast in the cabinet in my search for vegetables, I may make some honey wheat bread on Friday and share it with my neighbors, gotta build that community!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 91 Blueberries, Greens, And Beans

Today, I needed strength, I needed energy, I needed beans. I ate black beans and rice last night, I ate them this morning and I made a burrito out of them for lunch. I'm like full of beans from my toes on up. I zoomed through my day like a gas powered weed eater, not gonna lie. I'm so stuffed, I probably won't be hungry for the rest of the weekend. This afternoon, after a fabulous meeting with my CEASE crew, I took care of the blueberry bushes, I planted a few weeks ago. The plant lady said NO fertilizer! She said it kind of snarly and half yelled that blueberries hate fertilizer, we were a little ashamed at our lack of fruit bush knowledge as we handed over the money. They only like organic material or compost, so I spread a little vegetable compost on them and they seemed to smile; I think they like living in my mom's yard, I'm pretty sure we save them from a dysfunctional garden. Tomorrow, I'm going to make collard greens, I bought them last weekend and still haven't cooked them, I hope it's not too late. I'm not quite sure how to make them, I'm assuming that I start with a big pot and some water? Seems easy enough, place in pot and boil, I can do that. I'm sure my first attempt at greens will be somewhat of an adventure so here's to good food, good ideas, and a great weekend, I can only hope for a decent meal and or a great story.