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Monday, May 30, 2011

Day 150 No Rest For The Doers

Today, has been one of the most productive days of my life and it's supposed to be a day of relaxation! I did relax a little bit, for about 20 minutes. This a.m. I worked on my stupid note corrections, shopped for cookout food, went to my parent's, and put it together. I made more brussel sprouts because my mom needed to taste them! I also made corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake. After lunch, I worked more on corrections, cleaned my entire house, worked on corrections, and cleaned the back porch. I was planning to work until midnight, but I think I'll just do a few more corrections and then wrap it up. I'm utterly sick of corrections, if I hear the word audit one more time, I'm going to hit the roof. At this moment in time, I would probably leave my job if someone offered me a dollar and a candy bar, I need a vacation in the worst way possible! I want to stay at home and cook everyday, I want to work on my blue ribbon cake, I want to write a book. I want, I want, I want! Right now, I want to have leftover strawberry shortcake before I begin act two of this evening.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Day 149 Brussel Sprouts Are The New Skittles

I know that I have often written about brussel sprouts, but today, I have truly outdone myself, in the area of cruciferous vegetables. The only thing that could have made them better would have been that the sprouts would have come from my own garden. First, I marinated them in brown sugar bourbon marinade, overnight, and then I roasted them until they were a little brown and crispy. I added a little more sugar, as they finished cooking, they were so GOOD! I'm thinking that I need to add them to my family's holiday menus. I know that it's the wrong time of year really to grow them, but I'm hoping the sprouts I planted in my garden do a little something anyway. I am already planning a winter garden and I'm going to try another round, because I hear that they need a freeze to produce the sweetness. I also found a recipe for brussel sprouts with walnuts, sounds like Thanksgiving to me! Memorial day first though, I'm definitely taking some to my parents for the cookout tomorrow. I want to be a spokesperson for brussel sprouts, I think I could get kids to eat them!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 148 Cookout Serenade

Cookout one of two complete. Tonight, I had my own cookout, since everyone else is a party pooper and did not wish to participate until Monday, the actual Memorial Day holiday. Really? We must follow the rules that closely? Anywho, I made roasted squash and mushrooms and I made some fabulous Bocca burgers on the tiny grill outside. For dessert, I had strawberry shortcake which was so good, I ate ALL of the strawberries by myself. At this moment, there are about thirty drunk people, singing songs in Spanish, in my front yard, I do not wish to interrupt them, they actually sound pretty good. Also, the pool opened today, so there are loads of laughing, screaming kids, out in the back yard, it's somewhat of a carnival, which I'm sure will last until the wee hours of the night. Tomorrow, I guess I'll have leftovers, maybe read a book on the back porch, probably visit my grandmother, and enjoy the fact that next week, is a short week. stayacation is coming up really soon and I plan to put my cake ideas for the county fair to the test. Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Stay safe!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 147 To The Graduates.....

Well, tonight I don't really have time to wax poetic on the virtues of not eating fast food, I'm going to a big fat graduation, lots of kids I know are being set free. I'll just say this, I had corn and rice for dinner, it was good, filling, and lacking of nonsense of any kind. Here's to clean food, new graduates, and hopefully a seat in the shade. May all of you of you eat an apple sometimes for the fiber, and  congratulations!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 146 Bust Out The Charcoal I'm Bringing The K'bobs

Today, I went out to look at my garden and cannot believe how great everything looks! The squash plants are really spreading out nicely and we are going to have so much, we'll have to share some of it. We have yellow squash, patty pan squash, zucchini, you name it, if it's squash, we have it. I want to live in the garden, I love the way it smells, I love the dirt, I wish I could just stay out there and watch everything grow, maybe roll around in it...sigh.
Tonight, I'm thinking about the three day weekend and the food that shall ensue, if my mom has a cookout, I'm making grilled vegetables! Back in Indiana, we used to eat at this place called the Rock Wall, they served local stuff, lots of vegetarian options, and all very fresh, not long out of the ground. Anyway, they used to make these fat, grilled tomatoes and serve them with basil and mozzarella, they were like eating steak, that's how good they were. Perhaps, I will throw some of those in the ring, along with grilled corn, onions, and mushrooms. Veggie bobs could work as well, I love grilling holidays!
Oh, ya for dinner I had cold sesame seaweed salad, just thought everyone should know, I love seaweed and I am not ashamed, everyone should try seaweed, it's crunchier than you think.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 144 and 145 Windy Nachos

OK, I'm back on, after having lost blog spot, somewhere in the blogosphere, last night and earlier today. Well, here's the scoop, last night, while awaiting the tornadoes, I made some wind themed nachos. No, they did not include beans, I simply made them, while monitoring the weather. I ate my windy nachos, while sitting in the bathtub with my 100 lb. dog, Lucy. My dog is very compliant, when nachos are involved. After a while, we got tired of sitting in the bathtub, listening to emergency sirens and went outside to view the production. I have to say, it wasn't much of a show, but being an Oklahoman, this is how we do it.
Tonight, there's not much of anything going on, so I had a pretty calm avocado sandwich, to commemorate the nothingness of the day, later I had some cereal and some popcorn, seriously, not much blipping on the radar here. Perhaps tomorrow will flow with milk and honey, or at least an exotic fruit or two. Actually, tomorrow, I'm taking another run at the old brussell sprouts, this time I plan to marinate them in a super secret concoction, which I may or may not reveal, depending on how they turn out...I got nothing else.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 143 Chocolate Hades Cake

Today, I've been thinking about my contribution to the county fair, cake wise that is, the decision is a delicate balance. Last week, my choice was a chocolate strawberry rum cake, but after careful consideration, I fear that rum in the title or ingredients of anything in (location removed) county, Oklahoma will be grounds for dismissal without cause. People around here, at least in a public forum, do not take kindly to alcohol or anything that sounds as if it may have been baked by a hippie. My second choice is an entirely made up concoction, from my head, I love peppers and I love chocolate, so why not some sort of chocolate spice cake, made with dark chocolate and cayenne pepper. Now, let me just say, that I am taking a chance, with a recipe so exotic, I may be asking for trouble. When looking for background on my little town, one need not look much further than a local church cookbook for a picture of community life. Most recipes include  Miracle Whip, or cheese whiz, or a combination of both, spice may be peered upon with suspicion and a demand of a local identification. Regardless of how they feel about peppers in my cake, I feel certain, that I can make them fall in love, with a tiny spicy, fork full, if given the chance, I will win the blue ribbon, oh yes, I will!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142 That's Not A Deal As Far As Deals Go

So, today is my grandmother's birthday and I was going to go all out and make her something special, unfortunately I woke up at 11:00 and made nada. Instead, I went to Whole Foods, where they had a special, if I bought an ice cream cake, I could get two large pizzas, two six packs of soda (which I don't drink), and a big container of baby spinach. This sounded like an awesome deal, since I had to buy a cake anyway, so I loaded up all of the free stuff, intending to give the soda to my brother, and bebopped on over to the cake section. How much could an ice cream cake really cost anyway, 12.99? Ha! The cakes were 28.00! What in the Samuel P. Johnson?!? What? Is it a freaking ruby filled ice cream cake? Oh, no, I rebopped, back over to where they had the free stuff, dumped it, and went in search of a regular cake, not made of platinum. I ended up paying 15.00 for a very tiny carrot cake, which my grandmother highly approved of. Really 15.00 is too much as well, but it was her birthday and I didn't get her a present. I have almost decided to revisit my Whole Foods boycott of a year ago, because it is beyond expensive and I always feel like I've been taken advantage of in an alley, when I leave with two items and twenty less in cash.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 141 Doomsday Treats And Rapture Pie

I've been waiting all day for Harold Camping to come out from hiding or for Jesus to peek out from the clouds, neither have happened, but at least I was prepared with snacks and drinks. While waiting for the end of the world as we know it, I had some pretty good guacamole and some oddly bland salsa. It's funny but as I cook more and more for myself, the less impressed I am, when I buy something already made. The guacamole and the salsa were freshly made from Whole Foods, but I have to say, that what I make myself is far superior. The salsa had absolutely NO heat or flavor, it was basically just tomatoes and onions. The guacamole would have been a little better with some garlic, cilantro, and lime juice added.
Tomorrow is my Grandmother's birthday and I may make her a pie, I'm thinking strawberry, but I'm not sure...maybe a mixed berry cobbler, I don't know. I wonder if there is such a thing as chocolate strawberry cobbler? that sounds pretty good! Perhaps, if the Apocalypse does occur after all, I use the pie to distract the zombies at my door...I'll call it rapture pie.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Day 140 Electric Coffee Bean Shuffle

Today was filled with words, lots of words, one right after another, words, words, words. To stay awake during this onslaught of blabbery, I brought provisions to keep myself awake. For breakfast I ate some sort of fancy Whole Foods pastry,  about 15 chocolate covered espresso beans, two calming herb tablets, a fizzy water, and some sort of disgusting freeze dried vegetables. I guess you could say I was caffeine fried in a serene kind of way. For lunch, I ate a salad made of spinach and radioactive grilled tofu, which tasted like an undercooked booger. After lunch, there were more words, so I kept myself busy playing a game with a co-worker, where we passed a drawing back and forth adding to the picture each time. The picture ended up being a baby with a breakfast plate of bacon, eggs, fruit, toast, and coffee. I know babies don't drink coffee, but some artists think differently. When we tired of that game, we played analyze this picture, where I discovered that I have an identity disorder, along with dreams of escape from mandatory meetings in a  lightning fast car, I learned a lot about myself.
In other news, for dinner I had two veggie dogs, tap water, and some gum, the day wasn't a total bust, I'm still wired from the espresso beans earlier, maybe won't go to sleep for awhile tonight.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 139 Snack Rules

Yawn....tonight I'm eating leftover sheeploaf, if you are unaware of sheeploaf, rewind to yesterday's post.
I cannot wait for tomorrow, it's grocery day once again and I am making my list and checking it twice. Tomorrow is also a five hour long audit preparation for our office, not looking forward to working straight through lunch. I figure, I'll pack four juices, some dried fruit, some candy, maybe a little stinky cheese thrown in the mix. I may share with my co-workers if they look miserable enough.....but I will NOT share with anyone who prolongs the training with asinine questions involving notes, billing, clients, or personal stories of work woe. I will also not provide snacks to anyone who burps on my skin, encroaches on my space, or generally irritates me for no good reason. Do not ask me for snacks, I will offer them, if I wish for you to have them, they are a privilege, not a right. I am also going to take along my Serene herbs from the healthfood store. I've been a little angry lately and hopefully my little serene soldiers will get me through the day tomorrow. Good night and good bread.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 138 Sheep Loaf Does Too Exist

Tonight, I'm attempting to make a bean/lentil loaf in the spirit of a real animal loaf, I can name it whatever I want. Maybe I'll call it a sheep loaf, how do you like them apples? Tonight I must take control of my life, both in the kitchen, and out there in the world, and that is my first statement, I'm making sheep loaf out of lentils. There. I am taking back my life, Indiana Girl is back and she's not going to be pushed around anymore! The search is on...though I can't say for what at this juncture.
In the meantime, back at the ranch, I must prepare food for an all day Friday suckfest. My precious co-workers and I must sit for eight hours, listening to a whole lotta racket about a whole lotta nothin' and I plan to be fed during this event, which I will refer to from now on as "I can't here you over the sound of my own chewing-fest". So I ask, what are the loudest foods available? I would love to know which food will drown out the sound of an audit train bearing down on my skull.
It is time now for the sheep loaf to commence, wish me luck and a firm meatloaf like structure.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 137 Look A Little Tomato...

Today...we have a tomato, kind of like we have contact or we have liftoff, it's the same feeling. I'm posting a picture of our happy little tomato, I also took pictures of the squash, peppers, cantaloupe, and pumpkins, but I'm only posting the tomato, because it actually has a little baby on it. I'm super excited about every single thing in the garden, but especially the brussell sprouts, they are cool weather plants but they look really good! I can't wait to make another run at trying to copy the great 732 Social's chef's brussell sprouts, this could be a lifetime goal.
In other , non-food news my co-worker and I saved two puppies today from certain death on a busy street. We picked up the Poodle and the Pekingese, baby girls and contacted the owner, after taking them to a safe place. As I was saving puppies, a crazy sidewalk prophet tried to save me as well, it was quite a day, which didn't leave a lot of time for lunch. Right now, I'm making a dang quesadilla and some potatoes, yum, good end to a strange day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 136 Frozen Freedom Pizza

Well, tonight I was going to have dinner with my parents, maybe check out how my garden was coming along, catch up with my brother after his school trip, but no, once again work intervened. Work comes between breakfast, sometimes lunch, and nearly always dinner. So, tonight, I'm having a frozen pizza and I don't care if it makes me fat, or gives me zits, I don't care if it makes my breath smell like garlic or stains my teeth with tomatoes and cheese. When I finish this pizza, I'm going to look at the classifieds and I'm going to find another job, which does not interfere with dinner, or weekends, or holidays, or birthdays. I'm going to find my freedom job and then I'm going to eat a freaking candy bar!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 135 Jesus Is Coming Better Make A Lasagna

Today, I earned my keep as a crisis wrangler, but I did get a few hours of weekend bliss and good eats. It was a day of pimento cheese sandwiches and ice cream, in between moments of tragedy and long stretches of cinema magic. I went to the movies and  saw Bridesmaids, I did not however eat the popcorn, as this would have been a violation of my oath to myself. Instead, I drank water and afterward rewarded myself with another pimento cheese sandwich, I know, it's kind of boring, but it is what it is. Tomorrow promises more crisis, more magic, and possibly beans, which could fall under either of those categories...crisis or magic. The week will have to be measured and calculated to keep the kitchen love going until payday, but you can bet it's going to be a holiday in the freezer, when that day comes. Of course Jesus is supposed to come on May 21st and payday is on the 22nd, so......I'm thinking I should end this fast food boycott pretty flippin' ricky ticky, get my pizza buffet on before the end of days is upon us. As for tonight, I'm sticking to my guns, tap water and another sandwich.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 134 Five Thumbs Up For New York Super Chunk

Well, today I didn't win the itouch or the 250.00 gift card, I didn't win anything except a free lunch and all I had to do was show up for that. I rolled in just in time for the drawing, I ate some potato salad, some really questionable macaroni salad, and blackberry cobbler. After lunch, I said hello the the skinny, sad lion and made my way back out the exit, I have no interest in zoo shenanigans, I just made an appearance for the free stuff. So, after my obligations were complete, I went shopping, where I bought Tina Fey's new book, Bossypants, some Ben and Jerry's New York Super Chunk ice cream, and two camping chairs for my back porch, and had a nice relaxing afternoon. The sun is still shining, I just rented Blue Valentine, and I had mashed potatoes and baked tofu for dinner, life is grand and I still have five hours before the dreaded Sunday work crunch preparation begins. Now, I'm off to collect the last few rays of Saturday sun, before it is no more... eat your vegetables, and tune in tomorrow for the secret code word.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Days 132 and 133 Zoo Food and Free Swag

Last night blogger was down, so I'm doubling the goodness tonight. Let me just say that tomorrow is our company picnic at the zoo and I am stoked! As you may recall from my work related retreat, catered food is acceptable in my challenge. Tomorrow, they do have a vegetarian option, unlike the nameless racket in charge of the past retreat. Truthfully, I'm not really thinking about the food though, I'm thinking of the door prizes, a 250.00 Visa gift card, an ipod, and some other fabulous shizzle. I need to win something, because it has been a rough week. Yesterday, I had a new shadow at work, who was wonderful, but I was so intent on showing her the ropes, that I didn't get to eat until the end of the work day. I managed to scarf down some guacamole and fruit salad, but today, I was prepared for a day of paperwork and loaded up on snacks for the eight hour stretch. I found some really good Jalapeno Havarti cheese, I packed myself a bean burrito, which didn't make it to the office, and I had a broccoli cheese quiche for lunch which was a bit of a disappointment. all in all a pretty good day, now I'm going to knock out a few more files to ensure a properly restful weekend.....good night and good luck.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 131 Portabella Ice Cream Anyone?

Tonight promises to be a long night, therefore, I have fortified myself with a fabulous dinner, of sauteed button mushrooms and macaroni and cheese. Tonight, I must complete my audit files, have no growling distractions from my tummy, and no wandering thoughts about ice cream, I must stay focused.
I would like to comment on dinner though, I have to say, love mushrooms, they are most certainly one of  my top five food items. I'm pretty sure I could eat them every single meal every single day and never ever get tired of them. My favorite recipe is Mushroom Stroganoff, which is a vegetarian recipe but can be vegan if one so chooses. I think, as with the Garlic restaurant in San Francisco, there should be a mushroom themed restaurant! Every menu item would be a mushroom dish, made from every kind of edible mushroom grown. there would be mushroom appetizers, entrees, and mushroom desserts! Maybe cookies? Ice cream? Stay with me here, I really think this could work, it would be my dream eatery....i guess I just like thematic foods. Perhaps I will make an all mushroom dinner for myself one of these nights, if I survive the audit.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 130 Cake Drunk And Blue Ribbon Bound

Tonight, I'm wondering, if anyone out there has ever stared at a blank wall for 130 days or worn the same shirt, or read the same book over and over again? This is what it seems like this week, I have eaten from my kitchen for 130 days now, I need some sparkle, a little spicy, not housed in my cabinets. This morning, I had a grilled cheese sandwhich, granted, it was made with good cheese, it was not fast food biscuits and gravy and my tap water was not fizzy in any way. Sigh.....I need some new ideas, new recipes, maybe a new kitchen, with a celebrity chef, who makes me omlettes at 2am just because I demand it. Perhaps I need to dive into a new cake creation, a combination never created......maybe I make this cake for the Creek County fair! Yes!!!! That is exactly what I need, I need to make a cake for a blue ribbon or a pie? Hmmm, need ideas, maybe a chocolate strawberry rum cake, is that real? If not, it is now! I don't know, the judges may not appreciate the rum, I'll have to ponder this blossoming creation.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 129 Carnival At My House

Tonight, I'm leading a life of thrills, chills, oohs, and ahhhs, tonight, I'm bleaching the ice trays. Yep, doesn't get much more entertaining than this. Actually, I've emptied the cabinets and I'm bleaching all of my dishes, not just the ice trays. Bleach makes me feel shiny. Tonight, I had sauteed vegetables and macaroni and cheese, like I said, it's a carnival of an evening around here. I've finished my pint of ice cream, I've read all the magazines and books in  the house, I've cleaned the kitchen within an inch of my life, I've completed my work day......now what? I cannot wait to go out and eat again, how many more days do we have of this non-sense? I've been thinking of where I will eat, what will I order? What will my new rules be when I get there? I think I'm still going to for the most part forgo fast food, but allow limited restaurants onto my list. Sigh, it seems so far away and I just realized yesterday, that I will not be able to eat fair food this year! What was I thinking, clearly I don't think before jumping head long into traffic, I would give half an eyebrow for a funnel cake and a big fat Coke right now....onward I march.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 128 Mother's Day Lunch Throwdown

Today, my aunts, my mom, and my grandmother, all cooked it up like a mother! We had pasta salad, baked beans, baked chicken (which I did not eat), deviled eggs, yeast rolls, cherry cobbler, and strawberry shortcake. I'm stuffed like a pillow and quite relaxed after a pleasant get together under a beautiful sky, it was downright delightful. For dinner, I'm having nothing...well I may have some rum raisin ice cream to round out the day and at the moment, I'm enjoying the warm breeze, a glass of peach tea, and the lull of Spanish tongues outside my window...perfection. This week promises to be nothing short of a 26 mile marathon, so later on, I must prepare my food situation for being on the road Monday through Thursday, thankfully Friday I can sit on my butt all day in an audit preparation training, fun.
Enough blogging, I have two books to read and not much of a weekend left.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 127 Scratch Rolls For Mi Madre

Well, today I temporarily went with beauty products instead of groceries, my intended trip to the grocery store, went terribly awry, when I spotted the Ulta store; I've been tapping my magic, never ending foundation container for three weeks and the end finally came. Not to worry, there are still beans and rice in the cabinet and leftovers in the fridge, not to mention, tomorrow is Mother's day and my mom is cooking it up tonight (what a good mom to cook for me on her day). My only job for tomorrow is to bring the rolls, since this is my only chore, I'm going with the most difficult, most time consuming rolls known to man. These will not be your average dinner rolls, I'm making them from scratch because my mom loves yeast rolls and yeast rolls she shall have. Now, I just have to find a recipe, actually make a trip to the grocery store, and concoct them in the morning. Apparently, rolls have to be timed or something, like an hour to rise or some such nonsense, this means I must prepare in advance, not usually my strong suit. I think I'm also making baked beans because I am the queen of beans so to speak, not to toot my own horn (hee hee), but my baked beans will make you reconsider your destiny, I'm not kidding. Here's to good food and good mommas!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 126 Why Didn't I Think Of That!?!

A co-worker suggested today that my 365 day challenge, should have included 5 gimme options, so that for instance, I could use five opt ins during the year for birthdays and such. That would have been an absolutely brilliant idea, had I thought of it on January 1, but alas, I cannot change the rules mid game. Rats! I'm kicking myself right now! Anyway, tonight I'm having an odd but satisfying dinner of jalapeno stuffed olives, Australian cheddar cheese, cucumber salad, and mashed potatoes, topped off with Raspberry Mineral water. I'm happy to be here in my big chair, with my little dinner, after a long week.
Today, I checked the garden to find my little brussell sprouts growing their little cabbage heads off, the peppers are beautiful, beans must be invisible magic beans because they are no where to be found! The pumpkins are beginning to sprout as are the cantaloupes and squash. Sadly, the blueberries have gone on to their glory in another dirt farm, on another planet, they did their best, now we move on. I got nothin' else, time to get my stuffed olive on...thank you, drive through please.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 125 How Many Peppers Can I Add Before I Burst Into Flames

Well, it's the middle of the day and I'm already thinking about dinner. I think I'm going to put into action, the creation, I conjured last night in my brain....my mom says I didn't invent it, that it's already been done but I beg to differ. My bean casserole will be the hottest, most flaming casserole, ever created in an oven. I'm heading to the grocery store for Serranos and Habeneros, as well as a few red chilis. there is no reason on earth to add jalapenos because let's face it, what do they really offer? They taste like my index finger, no spice whatsoever, I am morally against such a pansy pepper. So, here's the recipe, created entirely in my skull:

1 pkg of corn tortillas
1 pkg of shredded Mexican blend cheese
1 thingy of sour cream
1 avocado
1 yellow onion
1 can of enchilada sauce
1 can of black beans (or whatever kind peels your banana)
Lots of different kinds of peppers, chopped

Tear the tortillas into strips and layer the bottom of a casserole dish. Add layers of strips, beans, cheese, onions, peppers and enchilada sauce. Bake the whole blessed event and add sliced avocados and some sour cream. Eat the concoction.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 124 Carrots and Ginger and Garlic Oh My

Soooo happy that today is over, the first part of auditing preparation is complete, still a long way to go though. For tonight, however, with part one done, my appetite is back! Once again, I did not take time for lunch today, but for dinner I had a really gigantic salad, with lots of stuff in it. I also found two new salad dressings, one good, one not good even a little bit. First let me say,  I'm sure I have made my feelings about carrots known, but I thought I would try the carrot ginger dressing and shockingly, I loved it! It did not taste at all like carrots, which I initially feared, since it is in fact made from them. The second dressing was a surprise and a disappointment, avocado Vinaigrette, I did not prefer it at all, way too tangy, blecht! So betrayed by my friend the avocado. The best thing about my salad was the roasted garlic, I ate like fifteen cloves and I smell like sunshine, just in case anyone is curious. As I was driving home today, I thought of a recipe in my head for a tortilla casserole. I imagine it would be a mixture of beans, cheese, corn, and enchilada sauce, with strips of corn tortillas layered in a dish...I think it sounds fabulous and I'm going to make it soon. That is all, long live my garlic breath that I may scare away  muggers and mean dogs.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 122 and 123 Pass The Tortillas And Get Out of My Way

Oh my sweet burrito, it's been a long two days! Haven't had much time to eat or drink, or sleep for that matter, lots of stuff going on at work. Right now I am starving, the last serious thing I ate was left over manicotti for breakfast and then some cookies and almonds later. I am hungry in the most serious sense of the word. I think I ate a frozen pizza yesterday, it's all kind of distant now, but tonight, I'm making bean and rice burritos, covered in enchilada sauce, I don't think I've ever been this hungry in my whole life. Now, when the phone stops dinging and ringing, and otherwise trying to keep me from putting food into my mouth, I could satisfy my starvation. Gonna be a short blog to cover two days but I must feed the beast. Better meals await us tomorrow!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 121 Manicotti And Pretend Soda

Well, I went a different direction today, instead of Thai food, I made manicotti and it was pretty darn good! It's been cold and rainy and just seemed like an Italian kind of day. I must say that I have a new favorite drink, it comes from Whole Foods, it's Sparkling mineral water with a touch of strawberry. It's like Perrier water, but instead of lemon or lime, they have strawberry or raspberry, it's not sweet at all, no sugar, just mineral water and an essence of fruit. I love it and it's just what I need to scare away the soda urges, it's just fizzy enough to trick my brain into thinking I'm drinking something bad. It also comes in a glass bottle, which I use for regular water, when I'm done over and over again.
From my chair, I can see a jar of peanut butter and a container of honey, wondering what I can make with those two things? I'm in the mood to make candy, maybe chocolate honey peanut butter balls with powdered sugar? Hmmm, sounds like a possibility, but would require a trip to the store for everything but the peanut butter and the honey, perhaps, I'll just sit right here and thumb through a cookbook for my next creation, I'm feeling a little lazy.