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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 121 Manicotti And Pretend Soda

Well, I went a different direction today, instead of Thai food, I made manicotti and it was pretty darn good! It's been cold and rainy and just seemed like an Italian kind of day. I must say that I have a new favorite drink, it comes from Whole Foods, it's Sparkling mineral water with a touch of strawberry. It's like Perrier water, but instead of lemon or lime, they have strawberry or raspberry, it's not sweet at all, no sugar, just mineral water and an essence of fruit. I love it and it's just what I need to scare away the soda urges, it's just fizzy enough to trick my brain into thinking I'm drinking something bad. It also comes in a glass bottle, which I use for regular water, when I'm done over and over again.
From my chair, I can see a jar of peanut butter and a container of honey, wondering what I can make with those two things? I'm in the mood to make candy, maybe chocolate honey peanut butter balls with powdered sugar? Hmmm, sounds like a possibility, but would require a trip to the store for everything but the peanut butter and the honey, perhaps, I'll just sit right here and thumb through a cookbook for my next creation, I'm feeling a little lazy.

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