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Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 143 Chocolate Hades Cake

Today, I've been thinking about my contribution to the county fair, cake wise that is, the decision is a delicate balance. Last week, my choice was a chocolate strawberry rum cake, but after careful consideration, I fear that rum in the title or ingredients of anything in (location removed) county, Oklahoma will be grounds for dismissal without cause. People around here, at least in a public forum, do not take kindly to alcohol or anything that sounds as if it may have been baked by a hippie. My second choice is an entirely made up concoction, from my head, I love peppers and I love chocolate, so why not some sort of chocolate spice cake, made with dark chocolate and cayenne pepper. Now, let me just say, that I am taking a chance, with a recipe so exotic, I may be asking for trouble. When looking for background on my little town, one need not look much further than a local church cookbook for a picture of community life. Most recipes include  Miracle Whip, or cheese whiz, or a combination of both, spice may be peered upon with suspicion and a demand of a local identification. Regardless of how they feel about peppers in my cake, I feel certain, that I can make them fall in love, with a tiny spicy, fork full, if given the chance, I will win the blue ribbon, oh yes, I will!

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