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Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 126 Why Didn't I Think Of That!?!

A co-worker suggested today that my 365 day challenge, should have included 5 gimme options, so that for instance, I could use five opt ins during the year for birthdays and such. That would have been an absolutely brilliant idea, had I thought of it on January 1, but alas, I cannot change the rules mid game. Rats! I'm kicking myself right now! Anyway, tonight I'm having an odd but satisfying dinner of jalapeno stuffed olives, Australian cheddar cheese, cucumber salad, and mashed potatoes, topped off with Raspberry Mineral water. I'm happy to be here in my big chair, with my little dinner, after a long week.
Today, I checked the garden to find my little brussell sprouts growing their little cabbage heads off, the peppers are beautiful, beans must be invisible magic beans because they are no where to be found! The pumpkins are beginning to sprout as are the cantaloupes and squash. Sadly, the blueberries have gone on to their glory in another dirt farm, on another planet, they did their best, now we move on. I got nothin' else, time to get my stuffed olive on...thank you, drive through please.

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