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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 127 Scratch Rolls For Mi Madre

Well, today I temporarily went with beauty products instead of groceries, my intended trip to the grocery store, went terribly awry, when I spotted the Ulta store; I've been tapping my magic, never ending foundation container for three weeks and the end finally came. Not to worry, there are still beans and rice in the cabinet and leftovers in the fridge, not to mention, tomorrow is Mother's day and my mom is cooking it up tonight (what a good mom to cook for me on her day). My only job for tomorrow is to bring the rolls, since this is my only chore, I'm going with the most difficult, most time consuming rolls known to man. These will not be your average dinner rolls, I'm making them from scratch because my mom loves yeast rolls and yeast rolls she shall have. Now, I just have to find a recipe, actually make a trip to the grocery store, and concoct them in the morning. Apparently, rolls have to be timed or something, like an hour to rise or some such nonsense, this means I must prepare in advance, not usually my strong suit. I think I'm also making baked beans because I am the queen of beans so to speak, not to toot my own horn (hee hee), but my baked beans will make you reconsider your destiny, I'm not kidding. Here's to good food and good mommas!

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