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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 211 Dog Treats, Yep that's It.

This.Was. The. Dullest. Saturday. Ever. Today, there was nothing exciting about the food, the shopping, or the weather, it was in a word, dead. I did buy an ankle brace today, does that count? I had fried potatoes for dinner, that's about it, oh and I bought another bag of Candy corns...sigh. To top off my night, I'm going to catch up on work stuff, if only I had a hand full of confetti right now, things would be jumping!
Tomorrow is grandma day, so that should liven things up...maybe we will have pudding and then it's all over and we're back to Monday. My dog is looking at me expectantly, like I'm going to entertain her or something, she's probably thinking the same thing about me....perhaps I'll make some dog treats! We haven't made doggie treats in about seven or eight years, probably time to dig out the old milk bone shaped cookie cutters. Yep, that's it, it will make my dog happy and will give me something productive to work on.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 210 Candy Cornalicious

There are many reasons why today was a good day, but one stands out. Was it because I had a full day off of work to play video games with my co-workers? No. Was it because I won enough tickets to purchase disguise glasses, an eye patch, and a whoopee cushion? Nope. My day was complete, when I walked into the Wal-greens and saw before me, hope for better cooler days, I saw a whole display shelf full of candy corn! Candy corn is my absolute favorite candy and predictor of Fall and there it was for sale, for me. I bought a bag and now I am eating them...before dinner.
Today went better than I expected regarding my challenge challenge and the fact that I was in an actual restaurant, faced with a huge buffet, including dessert. I did not participate in any food other than the salad bar and I was even pretty light on that. I had lettuce, cauliflower, broccoli, raisins, cheese, and dressing and I didn't even finish it. So, I am still a fast food boycott puritan if you will, in that it was free and fresh. Done and done.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 209 The Day Before The Day At The Salad Bar

The day is upon me, the mandatory fun day, taking place at the grand pizza Mecca of the West...Incredible Pizza. I have no choice in attending this fun filled day of go-carts and Skeet-ball so I may as well enjoy it or at least enjoy the raw veggies from the salad bar, I will eat no pizza. To make up for the non pizza eating day with my co-workers, tonight I am having pasta, a big bowl of crazy colored noodles with really good sauce and Parm-Italian cheese. Also, I'm having slushy pink lemonade, having left it in the freezer for too long, it's good, so good, and so cool. Well, I can't really eat and type at the same time, I'll be back tomorrow with tales of tickets won and restaurant food uneaten. Cheers!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 208 Candy Vultures

Today was a pretty good day, in spite of my face melting into my clothes at eight in the morning. I bought prizes this morning for a scavenger hunt, I planned for the kids at lunch. My entire goal of the morning hours was to keep the chocolate candy prizes from melting before they could be given out. This included rushing them from the store to my air conditioned office at break neck speed, leaving them in the cool, while I attended to an appointment across town and rushing back to transport them to the scavenger hunt sight and hiding them from prying eyes before the hunt began. Let me just say that this was only one of one thousand other things I was doing at once but, with the heat factor, one of the most important. This all went very well and the children scarfed up the candy before I could say line up you little vultures and wait your turn. I did get a Kit-Kat and a Butterfinger out of the deal, so it all worked out. Tonight I had a really fabulous salad, with lots of hullabaloo on it, and a pint of Whole fruit sorbet, yes I ate the whole thing, perfect end to my day. I have nothing further to say about this particular line of occurrences, thank you for playing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 206 and 207 Dear Oven, Please Don't Feel Neglected

My mom makes the best iced tea, today in between appointments on the same highway, I stopped by her house for a little cool down. She made me a big, icy glass of tea and I must say, it got me through the rest of the sweltering silliness that is being an Okie in July. For dinner, once again I could not bring myself to cook, so I had chips and salsa again. I honestly cannot wait to start cooking again, I'm looking forward to fall soups, particularly corn chowder, yum! Yesterday was about like today, same heat, same dinner, same everything, hopefully tomorrow will be cooler, lighter, and more satisfying.
I have decided on my plan of action for the Friday work celebration, I am going to eat the salad, I will not participate in the pizza, but I will eat the lettuce and here are the reasons: 1. It's free, so I'm not breaking my rule of purchasing restaurant food. 2. Vegetables are vegetables, no cooking is needed, so no unhealthy preparation. 3. It is a work function/celebration so I am not just willy nilly eating garbage from a fast food schlep house. There you have it, take it as you will, I am still fully on board with my mission.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 205 Skeetball Champion Of The World

Today, I had chips and salsa for dinner, I bought an e-book on being a private investigator and I went to see my Grandmother, can't get much more productive than that. Well, I guess I could have cleaned out the fridge as I promised myself last night, but once again, I'm just looking for the motivation to get on that. This week, we inch closer and closer to the fabulous world of Incredible Pizza. As many of you know, I will be joining my co-workers at this pizza Mecca as a work related thingy. As you may also remember, I am in the midst of a challenge! I'm on day 205 for Peter's sake and I have still not decided on what I will do on the food end, but I do know that by the end of the day, I will be the skeetball champion of the world, I will win ALL of the tickets! Now one will ever beat me in ticket collection, it is an impossibility. Food wise, I may eat some of the lettuce off of the salad bar, then again, I may go ahead with my challenge gimmee and plant my face in the middle of a big fat pizza, stay tuned.....

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 204 Peanut Butter Is My Final Answer

I'm feeling pretty lazy right now, I need to clean out my refridgerator before I go to the grocery store and I would almost rather starve. So, here I sit, unwilling to do the deed in the kitchen and my stomach is growling. I keep trying to justify getting the groceries and just sticking them in there, but that's gross and they would never fit. My other option is to once again have biscuits for dinner, thus eliminating my need to even leave the house. I don't know, it's such a crap shoot. PERHAPS, I could only buy pantry items, and live on those until I dig up the motivation to scrub the crisper out. The other issue is that I have lost an essential vegetable cutting knife, somewhere in the fridge and I must at some point dive in to find it....I'm surely not the only human to have ever lost a kitchen tool in this way.
OK, I'm going to compromise and promise myself to clean it out tomorrow and will buy peanut butter and bread tonight and perhaps a can of tomato soup to make things fancy. There it is settled, procrastination at it's best.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 203 Books and Biscuits

I'm too excited to eat, I just got a Kindle and I've been playing with it for the last hour. Today was the best day, we bought art supplies at work and they are so cool, I could just roll around in them! I'm feeling a little artsy craftsy at the moment, second, we re-arranged our conference room and it is a feng shui masterpiece. Next, I'm having biscuits and jelly for dinner, perfect! If I had someone to make me some ice tea, life would be grand, guess I'll have to do that one myself. I'm so happy, I feel like dancing, whilst I read a book on my new fangled device.
Tomorrow, I think I'll get all organizationally superior and make all of my dinners for the week and put them in the freezer. I must thank my new co-worker for my new tidy attitude, she cleaned out my purse yesterday and I am learning her ways...good influences are always welcome!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 202 Grape Juice On A Stick

I just had the absolute best salad in the world, it had a little bit of everything, raisins, kale, cashews, grapes, it was heaven. I have to say that the grapes were the best part, I've grown quite cozy with the lowly grape lately. If those out there know me at all, you will know that I am not a fruit person at all, but grapes are the exception. I also dig grape juice and just at this very moment, am having a thought about making grape juice popsicles....if only I had juice on hand. It is too late to grocery shop for juice, especially if I want to do it bullet free and actually get home to make the popsicles. Tomorrow is the weekend and I am so looking forward to sitting in the air conditioning doing nothing, I may just make a little bag of ice and tie it to the top of my head, I'm not out to make a fashion statement, I just don't want to die of the sunshine sweats. I have to stop typing now, my fingers are starting to sweat.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 201 Spoonfull Of Vinegar

Today was a very good day as good days go, my co-worker brought me brownies to celebrate my 200th day. I have to say that they were 1000x better than the crap I baked last night, they were so flipping good, they tasted like a warm Fall day, due to the caramel on top (caramel=Fall). Sigh, to add to the already good goodness, I got a new phone and a new laptop bag, super sweet! For dinner, I don't know what's going on yet, I just know that I'm thirsty and will be having a gallon or so of ice water, even if I have nothing else.
Oh, last night, I found a cure for heartburn! It's not all that tasty, in fact, it's pretty nasty, but it worked, instantly. I drank apple cider vinegar. Actually, I mixed it with juice so it wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been. My heartburn was instantaneously zapped, which is kind of weird, since vinegar is an acid, but, there is scientific evidence behind it, I looked it up before I did it. Anyway, just wanted to share my new found natural cure.....perhaps I shouldn't be giving medical advice, don't try this at home unless you first speak with your doctor, that should cover me.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 200 Pretending It's Fall

Day 200! Seems like a milestone to me! Is it strange that I'm making brownies purely so that my house will smell like brownies? I'm not really hungry, but all day I couldn't wait to finish work so that I could smell baked goods, baking in the oven, (even in the heat). Don't get me wrong, I will EAT the brownies at some point, but right now, I would just like to enjoy the cozy atmosphere in my tiny abode. Baking reminds me of Fall, guess I'm just daydreaming of cooler weather. Today, my car overheated for no good reason other than, I'm guessing the 108 degree heat index. I stood on the side of the road for awhile, and very, very slowly opened the radiator cap to add water. Anyway, my point is that it was extremely hot, standing on an Oklahoma highway, waiting for the water to arrive, so I have good reason for wishing the seasons away. Right now, I'm waiting for my lemonade to freeze a little bit, because slushy lemonade is the best thing in the world, I'm giddy with excitement....cheers!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 199 Super Secret Casual Observer Makes Dinner

Ahhh, the best moment of my day, hands down is the moment I ease into my overstuffed leather chair, Naugahyde would never be this inviting or this comfy. Today was a pretty long day and my bowl of mashed potatoes was just lovely and made lovelier, as I was sitting in my chair when I ate them. I had a super long appointment at the end of the day and was literally about to chew my own arm off because I was so hungry. Now, that dinner is over, It's time to re-evaluate my life. I'm considering a new career as a private investigator, I think I would be especially good at it because I'm so good at being casual in a room full of chaos, in fact I'm on a mission right now and I'm sure you couldn't even tell. I wish that I could tell you of my super secret work, but I cannot, so I will tell you this, today I found a recipe I had saved on my computer for fried zucchini patties, perhaps if I have time this week I will attempt to make them. Perhaps I will need them for a stakeout snack later in the week. Stay tuned for more mystery and gluttony.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 197 and 198 Ain't No Party Like A PG Party

Last night, I did something I never do and did not write my blog as a result. I went to a late movie. That's right, I rarely go out at night and last night I went to my mom's around six, stayed for dinner, and took my brother to a movie at 9:30, I am obviously an off my rocker wild woman, I know. My brother and I went to see Zookeeper, another indication of a lifestyle gone crazy, PG films rock.... it was actually a cute movie. Today, I went shopping and bought a new shower curtain, somebody stop me before I fall into a life of Godless fun and mayhem! I'm thinking of having squash again for dinner, but what else is new? This is becoming an every other day thing! Maybe I can jazz it up with some other veggies and call it primavera, Lord knows I have enough pasta, after my brief experimentation with extreme couponing, that was a fun week. I guess I have nothing else to rhapsodize about, peace and ice cubes, here's hoping the sun dips behind a cloud.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 196 I Heart Avocados

Tonight I had the perfect summer dinner. Once again it is about 105 degrees and again, too hot to even think about turning on the stove or the oven. After work, I made a mad dash across a steaming parking lot to the icy cool grocery store. I admit, I stalled a little while shopping, not relishing the idea of going back out into the furnace of an Oklahoma afternoon. I decided in the air conditioned paradise of Reasor's grocery to have a guacamole and chips night, so that's what I did. I bought some really ripe avocados, an onion, and some chips. I mixed my guacamole with my leftover ghost chili salsa and I was in Mexiheaven. Good dinner all the way around.
 I don't know what my plans are tomorrow, aside from staying in an air conditioned building, but I hope to find something interesting to do. Perhaps it would be a good day to make the cold gazpacho! I may just sit in a bucket full of ice cubes for the rest of the day. Be cool, stay inside, and drink plenty of water America!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 195 Oh Happy Day

Today was the best day I've had since arriving in the Sooner state. I met a new friend who seemed to be a person meant to cross my path, with a message I've been waiting on, it's been an awesome day. I am now at home, enjoying a glass of lemonade and about to watch a movie, I'm so happy right now! I made some garlic bread for dinner and I've had a lot a bit of sugar today, not healthy at all, but I'm too happy to care, maybe tomorrow, I'll cook something nutritious. Little bit of strange news to go with the happy, I had a meeting with a baby deer today, she hung out next to me, licking my elbow while I worked, I watched her being bottle fed and then I watched her pee on the floor, it was quite entertaining.
Tomorrow, I'm going to collect more vegetables from our garden, hopefully the rain has made an improvement in the situation, we'll see! I'm crossing my fingers to be able to pick peppers, hopefully some have survived the swarming, hairdryer like heat. All the way around, there are cooler days ahead. I am grateful for plenty today.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 194 I Wanna Be A Lunch Lady

Today was the longest day in the history of my working life. I did get a chance to eat some blueberry yogurt for lunch, and I successfully abstained from the large tray of free Subway sandwiches, purchased by one of my co-workers. I've gotten pretty good at ducking and dodging dicey fast food situations. For dinner, I was way too tired to make a proper dinner, so I had garlic bread and leftover broccoli and rice. Looking back over the past few months of my challenge, I realize that time is my biggest enemy. I don't have a lot of it and finding the motivation to cook, when it's been a really long day is really difficult. I keep thinking if I organize more, or pay more attention to one area or another, that this part will get easier and it doesn't, it's always there. Sometimes I wish that I was living in a different time, when there wasn't so much going on. I wish that I  could spend time making meals, I wish that things would slow down a whole bunch. I also think that it would be easier to cook every night, if there were like ten plus people around to share it, I wish I had a huge room size table, with every chair filled, every night, that would be pretty cool. Hmm, maybe I should open a restaurant or a soup kitchen!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 193 Hit Me With A Frozen Grape

Finally today, it rained! This is good news for the garden, which was so dry, that yesterday, a squirrel ate one of our tomatoes for the moisture. It was a really big tomato too. Tonight I was feeling a little lazy and made rice and broccoli for dinner, it was just one of my many disaster rice boxes, I've been collecting with coupons, I figured I could spare one, as I don't see any signs of Apocalypse. Tomorrow we are having a special lunch for some of the kids we work with and I am providing the pizza, of which I will not partake so, technically I'm buying fast food but it's not for me so it doesn't count. I'm bringing grapes, big fat red ones, some green ones, I'm kind of obsessed with grapes right now, I had some this morning that were so cold and crispy and sweet, they were like little snowflakes on my tongue, as I melted away in hell. Whomever is in charge of the thermostat up there needs to turn it down a notch, if I sweat anymore, I may just disappear altogether, just vaporize into the Oklahoma dirt. I may get over my fear of the public swimming pool in my backyard tomorrow and jump in. However, I may need to boost my immune system before I do this, who knows how many filthy kids have peed in it in the past week. Stay Cool America.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 192 Dear God, Please Turn Down The Heat

Oh my sheesh, it was like 300 degrees today, OK, closer to 105 but still flipping hot outside. I will never be accused of being dehydrated, I've consumed at least a swimming pool's worth of water today, which makes me not very hungry. I feel like I should have iced tea for dinner, maybe a mineral water for dessert, it is just too hot to eat! Am I dreaming, that I may have seen an article about eating hot sauce when you're hot to cool down? It may have been so, but I don't so much feel like experimenting at the moment. Today, I gave away vegetables, yesterday, I ate one of the bags of squash in my freezer, so tomorrow, I must go out and forage for more in the garden, hoping to find good tomatoes. Right now, I am dreaming of cold gazpacho soup, perhaps there will be enough tomatoes to make this a reality and for a side dish, frozen grapes, that sounds cool and refreshing...and healthy, but who really cares about that when you're sweating off ten pounds a day, just by walking into the parking lot. It may even be too hot to blog, blah.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 191 Blue Icing Is All I Need

Ahhh, finally home after a loong day of birthday baking, churching, and family sitting. I made double chunk brownies this morning, for my cousin's 11th birthday. I bought a package of Betty Crocker easy squeeze decorator icing, because I wanted to have some sort of color on the brownies. It turns out that they lied, it is not easy squeezy, as it states AND it requires a writing adapter. I made another trip to the store to buy regular cake icing and a bag of Reese's Pieces to sprinkle on top, success, he loved it! This same cousin was baptised tonight, so I sat through two and a half hours of church, which is not usually where I would be on a Sunday night, but I'm sure that the kid appreciated having his entire family there. I just finished a vegetable stir fry for dinner, made up primarily of squash and broccoli and I am now eating the radioactive blue icing from the aforementioned brownie project. Now, it's time to finish up all of the work I've been avoiding all weekend. Good times...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 189 and 190 Sad Sad Peppers

I'm back, with my refurbished personal laptop, in place of my work computer. I was a psycho last night because of my separation from said work computer, the likes of which is sitting on my desk, in my office and will stay there from now on. It has taken me all day to find a new power cord and to configure my old standby to work properly, but here I am and I am starving! Who knew ITing could make you so hungry. I have a lot to do today, first up, I'm going to see a movie and then I'm off to the garden again. Last night I was saddened to see that most of my peppers are not going to make it, the lack of rain is killing them! I found two really long red Cayenne's but they were floppy and one was dried up. I was really looking forward to the peppers and the salsa, but it may have to happen with grocery store peppers. I am sending out a fervent request for rain to save the rest of my garden, if anyone else would like to send a little shout out to save my veggies, I welcome it! Thank goodness for oodles of tomatoes and squash, next up birdhouse gourds and pumpkins!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 188 Somebody Fetch Me A Glass Of Something Cold

Just a little heads up...if my blog does not appear for a few days, you can assume, I've been re-routed and am looking for a new computer, it's a long story. Anyway, today has been all too exciting and at the same time, dull to the point of desperation. Work was drama begets drama all day but food wise, I made myself a pizza and ate some popcorn for dinner, not much to jump around about. I'm not really hungry, just hell's fire thirsty, I bet I've had ten gallons of water today and I'm still feeling a little parched. I'm considering going to the store to buy a big tub of Country Time lemonade for to mix with my boring H2O. Wow, is this what my blog has come to? A grocery list? I really need a life and some new ideas! Ummmm, here's something new, I am trying to grow lavender. I cut a piece off from my mom's plant and stuck it in a cup of wet dirt...yeah, I have to say, it may work, it's still alive after like four days. If I can grow lavender then I can make lavender cookies, lavender ice cream, soap, other lavender stuff. I know, I could just buy a lavender plant and be on my way, but I just wanted to see if I could make it grow. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 187 Help! I'm Underneath This Pile Of Squash!

Here comes the squash! We have been eating baby squash for about a month now, because the idea is, that the more you pick, the more will grow on the vine and the past few days have proven that theory. We have so much squash that we are picking it daily and giving it away. I have squash in my freezer, in my refrigerator, and sitting on the counter in the kitchen. My mom is giving it away to people at church and I'm looking for new recipes to process it! Yikes! We also have an avalanche of tomatoes, so salsa is coming very, very soon! I recently found a recipe for tomato pie, I may try out in the next few days or so and I'm thinking about stuffing a squash just for something to do. I'm so excited about putting stuff away for Winter, I can make all kinds of cold weather stuff with squash, if I don't get sick of it first. I love squash, but that doesn't mean I want to eat it every single day. Just good to know it's there in case I ever reach a starvation point. Here's hoping my stash of garden goodness will not be needed for nuclear winter nourishment.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 186 Post Fourth Mashup

Today, is an avalanche of leftovers, for dinner I had grilled corn, peppers, squash, and tomatoes and for dessert, I had sticky sweet peach cobbler, YUM!! Yesterday was a labor of love, I sweat over those vegetables on the grill and I was not disappointed, the 100 plus heat was worth it. My mom did up the potato salad so I wouldn't have to and it was stupendous. Sigh....when is the next holiday? The peach cobbler was good but would have been even better if my mom had not been too lazy to dig out the ice cream maker, the banana split ice cream in the freezer was completely inappropriate for the cobbler so that was a no go. It's so hot outside, I wish that I had a vat of ice cream to just lounge in with a spoon, I could do laps in a big pool of Chunky Monkey or Mango Madness.....I can't wait for cooler weather, swimming in ice cream is not really realistic, perhaps I'll have a glass of tea instead.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 184 and 185 July The Fourth Foodarama

Today is July the 4th! I didn't have a chance to blog last night because I was at the second best fireworks show in the world, in Keifer Oklahoma, the first best is in Louisville KY. during the kickoff for Derby. Tonight, I'm going to probably the 6548th best fireworks show in Sapulpa Oklahoma. Right now, I'm trying to finish all of my chores so I can get to my mom's cookout, where I am expected to produce peach cobbler and potato salad, neither of which I have purchased ingredients for. This should be a fun day, perhaps I will take along with me, my stash of water balloons. OK, I have to keep on moving now, no time for additional blogsense, I have to get cooking.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 183 Kabob It Up

Today has been a mucho busy day, my family and I had an impromptu lunch at my grandmother's house, followed by shopping and the movie, Larry Crowne. The lunch was decent, the shopping yielded no results, the movie was OK but not the best. I guess you could say it was a satisfactory day. Tomorrow we are having a cookout, complete with grilled vegetables from our garden and we're going to see the fireworks show in a nearby town. Fun and family, somebody give me a hoorah! I'm making yet another Blackberry cobbler and some baked beans for the get together, my mom is making everything else...yeah that seems fair. I love the fourth of July almost more than Christmas, if it weren't so hot, it would probably move up on my list of favorites. Here's to a great holiday, good food, sparklers, and sober driving! Don't forget, never shoot bottle rockets or any firework for that matter from between your teeth...it's a good way to lose a tonsil or worse. Have fun and be safe!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 182 Trade You These Berries For Those Beans

Let me just begin with the blackberry cobbler. I am not one to follow recipes, I like to add my own flair and not be governed by baking rules. I may have to change how I do things, maybe measure a little more, set the correct temperature, you know, the basics. Last night, when I put the blackberries on the stove, I added a lot of sugar, not on purpose, I was just going to shake a little out of the sugar bag and I dumped about three cups into about two cups of berries. The result was that the berries were so sugared, the sweetness overwhelmed the tartness, so I messed up, but it wasn't awful. Today, I made a trade with my co-worker, I left some cobbler for her and later, I came back to pick up my white chickenless chili. I love this chili! Even though it is a little warm out, at 100 degrees, it did not stop me from enjoying my beany gift of goodness. Over the long weekend, I plan on baking up a few things to share, so stay tuned and I may throw a sample if you're standing close enough to catch it.