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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 211 Dog Treats, Yep that's It.

This.Was. The. Dullest. Saturday. Ever. Today, there was nothing exciting about the food, the shopping, or the weather, it was in a word, dead. I did buy an ankle brace today, does that count? I had fried potatoes for dinner, that's about it, oh and I bought another bag of Candy corns...sigh. To top off my night, I'm going to catch up on work stuff, if only I had a hand full of confetti right now, things would be jumping!
Tomorrow is grandma day, so that should liven things up...maybe we will have pudding and then it's all over and we're back to Monday. My dog is looking at me expectantly, like I'm going to entertain her or something, she's probably thinking the same thing about me....perhaps I'll make some dog treats! We haven't made doggie treats in about seven or eight years, probably time to dig out the old milk bone shaped cookie cutters. Yep, that's it, it will make my dog happy and will give me something productive to work on.

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