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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 192 Dear God, Please Turn Down The Heat

Oh my sheesh, it was like 300 degrees today, OK, closer to 105 but still flipping hot outside. I will never be accused of being dehydrated, I've consumed at least a swimming pool's worth of water today, which makes me not very hungry. I feel like I should have iced tea for dinner, maybe a mineral water for dessert, it is just too hot to eat! Am I dreaming, that I may have seen an article about eating hot sauce when you're hot to cool down? It may have been so, but I don't so much feel like experimenting at the moment. Today, I gave away vegetables, yesterday, I ate one of the bags of squash in my freezer, so tomorrow, I must go out and forage for more in the garden, hoping to find good tomatoes. Right now, I am dreaming of cold gazpacho soup, perhaps there will be enough tomatoes to make this a reality and for a side dish, frozen grapes, that sounds cool and refreshing...and healthy, but who really cares about that when you're sweating off ten pounds a day, just by walking into the parking lot. It may even be too hot to blog, blah.

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