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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 197 and 198 Ain't No Party Like A PG Party

Last night, I did something I never do and did not write my blog as a result. I went to a late movie. That's right, I rarely go out at night and last night I went to my mom's around six, stayed for dinner, and took my brother to a movie at 9:30, I am obviously an off my rocker wild woman, I know. My brother and I went to see Zookeeper, another indication of a lifestyle gone crazy, PG films rock.... it was actually a cute movie. Today, I went shopping and bought a new shower curtain, somebody stop me before I fall into a life of Godless fun and mayhem! I'm thinking of having squash again for dinner, but what else is new? This is becoming an every other day thing! Maybe I can jazz it up with some other veggies and call it primavera, Lord knows I have enough pasta, after my brief experimentation with extreme couponing, that was a fun week. I guess I have nothing else to rhapsodize about, peace and ice cubes, here's hoping the sun dips behind a cloud.

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