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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 204 Peanut Butter Is My Final Answer

I'm feeling pretty lazy right now, I need to clean out my refridgerator before I go to the grocery store and I would almost rather starve. So, here I sit, unwilling to do the deed in the kitchen and my stomach is growling. I keep trying to justify getting the groceries and just sticking them in there, but that's gross and they would never fit. My other option is to once again have biscuits for dinner, thus eliminating my need to even leave the house. I don't know, it's such a crap shoot. PERHAPS, I could only buy pantry items, and live on those until I dig up the motivation to scrub the crisper out. The other issue is that I have lost an essential vegetable cutting knife, somewhere in the fridge and I must at some point dive in to find it....I'm surely not the only human to have ever lost a kitchen tool in this way.
OK, I'm going to compromise and promise myself to clean it out tomorrow and will buy peanut butter and bread tonight and perhaps a can of tomato soup to make things fancy. There it is settled, procrastination at it's best.

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