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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 242 So Long Candy Corns and Cuppy Cakes

Today was a really long day, most of it at the courthouse for work, so I was really inspired to get my mom to make me food when it was all over. My mom makes the best pimento cheese ever and then constructs out of the pimento cheese, the best sandwiches ever, she also makes pretty good iced tea, which I also had on this squelchering hot day. For dinner, I had egg salad, I just couldn't swallow another spoonful of beans or mashed potatoes, maybe tomorrow. Last night, I was woken up by a thought that I should stop eating sugar, soooo I guess I'm gonna do that, since I already have the Diabetes. This probably includes cuppy cakes and candy corns, I'm so sad! OK, I'm committed, no sugar, no juice, no sweets, I shall eat brown bread and brown rice and probably some other brown colored health food. I may as well end this challenge with a bang and additional constrictive rules, otherwise, what's the fun of 365 days of no fast food, if I'm not going to live until I'm 140?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 241 Shout Out To CarTech And Smashed Potatoes

Well, if you've been following my blog, you will have noticed the past few days have been alternating nights of beans and potatoes, tonight I mixed things up a little. Tonight I just went hog flipping crazy and had beans AND potatoes! This time, the potatoes were smashed and a change from the fried variety. Tomorrow, I'm busting out the pancake mix and have a breakfast for dinner, partay up in this place. If things get any more exciting around here, I may just swing from the door frames. Today, I came very close to closing out the car drama, I have collected almost the entire amount, now I am only short 300.00 the kind mechanics at CarTech, here in Tulsa (yes that is a plug) are going to start on the work tomorrow and I can pick it up when I have the 300.00, they were super nice and even threw in a free reservoir tank, where the trouble originated. OK, I got nothin' else tonight, peace out!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 240 Festival Of Sugar Shock

Wow, day 240, it seems like we should be coming to some sort of conclusion on this thing sometime soon. Today, a co-worker made me doughnuts, for reals! So, for breakfast, I had those and a chocolate chip cookie for a little a.m. sugar love. In the afternoon, I had cupcakes, I ate many cupcakes, in fact I had to lie down on the floor for a while because I was so full of frosting and cake. I was a living breathing mass of sugar for a short period of time and still have a little bit of a buzz hours past the consumption point. Later, I had to walk a pretty good ways so all that sugar probably fueled me home from the corner to the door. For dinner, I had what will probably be a tri-weekly affair from now until the car repair is paid off, I had potatoes again, tomorrow, I'll swap off for the beans, next day potatoes, you get the idea. At least I know, I won't starve these last few months before this challenge comes to an end, perhaps, I'll lose a few more pounds to ring in those first few days of restaurant mania, sure to ensue in January. Here's to locking down with beans and taters, bring it on!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 239 Tip Jar From The Universe

Today has been a super productive, somewhat enlightening, good eats kind of day. For breakfast, I had cheesey eggs and fried potatoes, which I ate while completeing my weekly paperwork and progress notes. Today, I am also proud to say that I organized my bedroom and was rewarded by the universe with a 1/3 of a jar full of change, not bad for something that needed to be done anyway. I was initially dreading tomorrow, but I just heard a rumor that there may be cupcakes waiting at the office and I am always down for one or twelve cupcakes during the workday. Tonight, I plan on beans again for dinner, more organizing, a couple of work reports, and maybe an early night if I can't find anything good to read. Ding, ding, ding! I just remembered I have raspberries in the fridge, double bonus day! Time for a snack before dinner!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 238 Surviving And Thriving

My kitchen smells like my Great-Granny's kitchen, when we used to go down to Tennessee to visit. She would have every burner occupied including the oven, the table was so loaded with food, it seemed like lunch took days to finish. Tonight I'm having white beans, fried potatoes, and homemade cornbread. I've been cooking the beans for a few hours now and I'm about to deem them done. Earlier, my mom came to pick me up, as my car is still in the shop, to make a trip to the grocery store. I was very judicious in my selections, as the next three months will be a little tighter with the car repair. I have lots of beans, rice, eggs, baking mix, potatoes, and peanut butter, this should be enough to last at least until next week. I can make lots of pancakes, omelets, and sandwiches, if I know nothing else, it's how to survive when things are shaky and that means cooking more from scratch, less packaged stuff from the store. Here's to not just surviving but thriving and paring down to make it work!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 236 and 237 Rice and Tap Water

Again, I skipped last night's blog and am doubling up today, I can't say that there was much to talk about last night though. For dinner, I had Amy's brand Organic Vegetarian Enchilada dinner and also an Amy's Veggie Tamale pie, that's right, I ate both of them by myself. Usually I really like Amy's brand but I really wasn't feeling it with those two selections. Today was an all day long staff meeting, where someone made sure that there were cheese sandwiches just for me, nestled amongst the meaty versions in the sandwich tray. Also, there were not one but two cakes for all the August birthdays, one was homemade chocolate and one was a cute store cake with ladybugs on it, very nice and birthdayeske. Tonight, I am trying to disconnect from the month long week that I just had, for dinner, I had rice, no muss, no fuss. Tonight would have been one of those nights when I ordered a pizza, breadsticks, and two 20oz sodas....ah the memories. Tomorrow, I'm sleeping in because really what else am I going to do without my car? Oh, and Ford responded to my car/in exchange for an ad letter, maybe I'll get a new Mustang soon!www.fastfoodboycott.blogspot.com

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 235 Please Sir May I Have Another?

Today, I watched someone eat a Reuben sandwich in an eatery, off limits to myself of course. I do love Reubens and the weird thing is that I love them vegetarian style. Yep, sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing, Swiss cheese, and Rye bread. Oh, my I'm gonna get me one of those when this fiasco is over! Tonight, I had leftover spinach, garlic bread, and water, sooo not the same! After dinner, I wrote a letter to Ford, asking for a car in exchange for my family's 30+ year loyalty both in company and in product. I am willing to drive a Ford covered in websites and logos, I don't care, I just need a car to do my job, so that when this thing is over, I can still afford to have an egg McMuffin once a week. I am kinda running out of ideas here, but I press onward, ever onward in the pursuit of life, liberty, and general satisfaction in the contents of my Frigidaire. Carry on friends, I will return tomorrow! Once again I am posting my cyber begging link, just in case Bill Gates reads my blog.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 234 Creamed Spinach Should Not Make Me Smile But...

Today was a fair to pretty darn good day and that includes dinner, which was BBQ tofu and creamed spinach, yummmo! Earlier, whilst social working around town, my co-worker and I spotted a new restaurant, called Philly's which I have now added to my list of must trys when this challenge ends. I have already decided that the Spudnut doughnut is my first stop on January 1st, followed by the incinerator pizza at Jo'mamma's pizza in Tulsa. I'm really more excited than I should be about eating out again, January will be a busy month.
In other news, I've collected 130.00 for my I'm Having A New Engine Shower, not bad for just a few days, things are coming along swimmingly and I hope to have my car fixed next week, I kinda like being mobile and rolling when I wish, this would be a time when take out would really work out for me, but I press on in the name of fastfood boycotting.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 233 Hippie Eggs

Today was just as productive as I needed it to be, not too little, not too much, it was juuuust right. I got quite a lot done, sent out some good energy, got some good energy back and had a cheese pizza for dinner. The universe is coming around on the car situation and I believe that things will be OK soon. All in all, it was a fairly balanced day. Now, since I seem to be on the subject of eggs this week, as in yesterday's egg salad and last week's egg salad, and the egg wraps from a few days ago, I'm here to talk about farm fresh eggs. My aunt has some free range hippie chickens and has been giving them away to family members. My mom got some that had almost orange yolks, I'm assuming this makes them really good, rich eggs, so my thought is that I had better make a cake with these bad boys quickly and I mean soon before the chickens freeze up. I need suggestions on cakes made from egg yolks, a really rich cake, maybe something heavy and golden. Perhaps another experiment could be custard, who knows but I must get my hands on those golden eggs!
http://www.gofundme.com/75teg This is the link for my I'm having an engine shower!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 232 A Good Day For Jello

Today has been a good balance of productivity and relaxation, I caught up on work, read a little fiction, made some egg salad, went for a swim, took out the trash, took a nap, and now I'm eating jello. I'm attempting to shift my perception of life today and for the most part, I think that it's working. I made a list of things to do this week, made a budget, and shifted some clothes to the donation bag, and took the time to meditate this morning, I think this is going to be a really good week. I am certain that my car situation is under control by my higher power and I'm choosing not to worry until it's time to worry. Now, back to the egg salad, I love egg salad more than any other sandwich accoutrement and I do believe that this is the best egg salad ever made, even better than the stuff I made the other day. I used of course eggs, seven of them and I added mayo, mustard, and because I was out of relish, rosemary infused banana peppers. I'm telling you the rosemary made it perfect, I highly recommend it. Here's hoping this is the best week on record.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Day 231 Better Days Ahead

It's almost 5:00 and I'm in my office, at work on a Saturday, I have to believe that things will be better soon, whoops, spoke too soon, the mechanic just called  and we are at 100.00 just for today's diagnostics, internal engine damage and more testing on Monday, holy shmoley, I need to stop this train! My mom is coming to pick me up in a little while and I just want to go home to my beans and rice, this is not a good day. OK, right now, my dream of a better day includes sitting down to cheese enchiladas, chips and salsa, a big fat fizzy soda, and my very best friends in Indiana, we're eating, we're laughing, my car is running flawlessly, and I am happy to be near the people I love the most. That is my happy place. In my real world, I'm going to take a really deep breath and just keep moving forward, things will get better!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 230 I Call Them Beans Of Rage

Tonight, I made black beans and rice with garden tomatoes and some really hot peppers. This bowl of beans reflects the way I feel about my life today, it tastes like anger and aggression, it's kind of a mean dinner. Hopefully tomorrow will be an ice cream and cookies type of day, I need more sugary days and fewer peppery days. Tomorrow and Sunday I will be working in order to catch up and hopefully gain some elbow room in my life. I hope to be back in balance by October, hopefully with a new perspective and new energy for the remaining months of my challenge. It's almost carrot cookie time again and I want to have a fabulous Fall.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 229 Hey Matt Damon, Help A Sister Out

Uhhhg, I'm really sick and a little bit whiny, but otherwise still alive. My throat really hurts so I made egg wraps with hot peppers to cure myself, not sure if it's working. Today, I made myself go to work because things had to get done and rain or shine, sore throat or not, I must do what needs to be done. Also, I'm not sure if the universe is listening but time is a wastin' on the car situation here, I've done everything possible on  my end, I've signed up for ad cars, I've signed up for charity cars, I've cyberbegged for money, I've asked to cash in my vacation time and my future mileage, I've picked up pennies to add to my change jar, I've prayed and I've gathered my resources.  It's time for things to shift. I'm adding my link again, perhaps Matt Damon or Angelina Jolie will see it and buy me a car so that I may continue to help families. One of these days, this blog will be about food again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day 228 Nothing Special Just a Day

Well, today was a little sweaty and a little slow but it was a day and thank God, we're all still breathing. School is getting ready to start and I spent the day looking for teachers, counselors, school supplies, and about a million other things. After I did that for awhile, I just stopped and didn't do much of anything until it was time for my late afternoon community meeting. Right now, I am on the hunt for a used saxophone for a kid at work who can't afford to rent....anyone out there have a sax in the garage? For dinner I had BBQ tofu and a salad, it was fabulously delicious, I ate it while watching Teen Mom on my computer, I know, probably not good for digestion, but it was a distraction none the less.
I am now on day four of car crisis 2011 and though I'm grateful to have a loaner for a few days, the time is a ticking and I need to think of something fast, my job and my car are interconnected, not just to get to work obviously, but I work in people's homes, so I'm starting to get a little nervous. I am continuing to petition the universe for a car.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 226 and 227 Dear Universe, Thanks For The Ride...And The Cookie

Uuuuhhhggg, today was back up to 103, which is of course better than 113 but still, it's flipping hot out there! I didn't blog yesterday and I will offer no excuse, I was just being lazy. Last night I had leftover cornbread and rice for dinner, I wasn't really hungry since I ate a bunch of silliness for lunch. We had an all day kind of staffing day and for lunch I had potato salad, Rabbit milk, a chocolate filled peanut butter cookie, and pistachio salad. It kind of made my tummy hurt. Tonight, I had a provolone sandwich and juice, once again, too hot to eat a lot. The cookie has been the highlight of my week, granted it's only Tuesday.
In other news, my request from the universe to produce a car has led me to swallow my pride and do a little cyberbegging. If I shoot my request around the world a few times, I'm quite certain that the 2500.00 is attainable, I am nothing if not creative and resourceful. I have created a page on http://www.gofundme.com/ I hope it works, I won't have my loaner car for long. Of course I'm adding the link onto this page to begin my cyber trek.
http://www.gofundme.com/75teg (this is it, go ahead and click!)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 225 A Pie For A Car?

Today, I haven't left my house. The windows are open, the air is nice, and I have found no reason to venture beyond my living room, except to take the dog out. Tonight I made rice with some garden squash thrown in and some really divine corn bread, it was more than enough to keep me happy. Right now, I'm contemplating my next bold move, not sure if I want to work on my bedroom a little more, catch up on work, or go out and try to talk the guy down from the Clear Communications tower, where he's been for four days. I'm leaning towards working on the bedroom. I am also on day three of petitioning the universe for a working car and the universe threw me a bone in that a co-worker offered to loan me one her cars for a few days. I am still waiting for the full universe treatment with a brand new, slightly used, low miles, car with which I can sustain myself for the next five years or so. If anyone knows of any opportunities or trades, I am open to bartering! I could bake a pie and trade up like that one guy did, who eventually got a house. Who would trade me a pie for something slightly more valuable?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 224 Broke Down Egg Salad

Today has been a day of creative contemplation and egg salad. First of all, I've been looking at options to solve my car issue today and in the middle of it, I decided to make a sandwich. I found a website for ad cars, you know, the kind that are covered with advertisements for things like Jambajuice and Tidy Cat? Well, I am willing to look like an idiot for transportation. The car is free, but they get to put whatever advertisement they want on it. I suppose that's OK unless it Imodium or something? So, anyway as I said, in the middle of all of the hullabaloo, I got tired of thinking about cars and boiled some eggs. It was the best egg salad ever, I added my birthday cherry peppers, which I have been adding to sandwiches lately and it was the perfect addition, as I did not have any relish. I may have another after I finish cleaning my bedroom (continued from last weekend). Also, one of my co-workers offered to let me borrow one of her vehicles for a few days until I can figure some things out. I guess that's it, my petition to the universe is out there, now I just have to wait.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day 223 Laughing Cows Make Things Right

Well, the time has come, my car has met it's maker. After thousands of fruitless dollars in repairs and 167,000 miles, it's time to say goodbye. Tonight was my delayed birthday night with my mom, we had a great time watching The Help, while back at home my dad gave last rights to my old trusty Mercury. I cannot say that this improved my night in any way, but instead of wailing and the gnashing of teeth, as would be my usual protocol, I am instead going to petition the universe to provide for what I need. I am grateful for the three good years my car has given me, it has done it's job, helped provide an income, and gotten me from point A to point B. Now, I'm turning things over to my higher power, it is done.
On a dinner note, I just made the exact same sandwich I ate last night, I do believe I have created something spectacular, with the Laughing Cow cheese and the cherry peppers. It is truly the best sandwich ever made, at least in my kitchen. Good night and good cheese.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 222 Came To My Own Rescue And Made Myself A Nice Sandwich

Wow, this has been a really long day and I am really happy to be off the side of the highway and home. Once again, my car overheated and I was on the Turnpike at the time, so all I could do was pull over and wait. I could reach no one by phone, but thankfully, a really nice couple had a gigantic jug of water, a police officer stopped and gave me another bottle of water, and finally it cooled down enough for me to get to a gas station. Finally, I am beginning to de-stress in the air conditioning and I just made a really strange but delicious cheese sandwich for dinner. It was toasted and had Laughing cow Chipolte cheese, Pepper Jack, and Colby Jack cheese, with jalapenos and cherry peppers. I broiled it and it was so very melty and yummy. Now, I have realized that I am very, very tired and the sun is still up, I'm going to bed early tonight, this week has been long enough!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 221 I Got Nothin

I apologize for the length of this post, today has been a long and arduous day, I drove far, ate little, and now I'm home at twenty till ten...it's almost time for bed. I'm having chips and salsa for dinner, that is the sum of it all, goodnight and good chips. Tune in tomorrow and I'll dazzle you with food talk.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 219 and 220 Happy Birthday To Me

Today has been a pretty good day, I took a nap, after waking up really early, I had some good eats, I found a really great hair stylist, and I did my toes and nails. Yesterday was not the pre-birthday salsabration that I had hoped for, by way of vacation, but it wasn't bad. My co-worker brought me two cookies from Whole Foods and a mineral water, which hit the spot for lunch, and my mom brought the guacamole she forgot to bring to the party on Sunday. I ate the entire thing of guacamole for dinner last night and I think it was a tad too much, as it made my tummy hurt. It's been pretty low key today, but I've gotten lots of great birthday wishes on my Facebook page, which made me really happy. Later this week, to continue the celebration, we're going to see The Help at the movies and perhaps take a little side trip to the water park, after dark, when it's cooler. Sigh... I guess there's nothing else, Happy Birthday self!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 218 Pre-Birthday Mission Part One

Today was my unofficial birthday, the one where my family made me food and gave me stuff. The chocolate pie my grandmother made was fabulous, although she found a recipe that eliminated the sugary little beads that pop out in the meringue, which was my favorite part. My mom made a great salad, baked beans, and deviled eggs, all in all a pretty good day plus I'm 20.00 richer, and was the reluctant recipient of a birthday hug from my drunk neighbor.
 My official birthday is Tuesday and I am working on my birthday present to myself and hoping to finish it by Tuesday. My birthday present to myself, in case you haven't heard is organization. Thus far, my bedroom closet is perfect, my dresser and night table are perfect, and I am on a steady mission to make everything else perfect in my house. Not a drawer or cabinet will go untouched, I will organize every last thing I own and no purse will remain un-emptied, I will be queen of my organized domain!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 217 Otherwise Known As The Day It Rained

Today has been the most productive day on record, I do believe. First of all, I completely emptied out my closet and am now organizing accordingly, (this may take all night). Second, I discovered I was low on oil and hitched a ride with my very kind neighbors to the Autozone and was the recipient of a date request, which I promptly refused. Now, I am making Morningstar burgers, fried green beans, and waffle fries for dinner and I'm going to watch Mad men while I eat. Tomorrow is my early birthday celebration, where I fully expect to be served chocolate pie, made by my grandmother. Hmm, that doesn't look like a lot in writing but I've been busy all day long, I promise. OK, I got nothing else to say, later!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 216 Back Up Off My Veggie Plate

Today was my second day of some sort of conference hullabaloo and the best part about the day was most for surely, the veggie wraps. They were so full of avocado and other wondrous veggies, that I ate two of them, they were perfect and I'm going to make some at home this weekend. I do have to verbally reprimand those veg heads, who took two wraps before all of the other veg heads were served. Every good vegetarian knows that there are usually only a limited number of veggie plates created, thus, the polite and right thing to do is to wait until everyone has been served, as I did. If a meat eater runs out of food, they can eat anything, but if a vegetarian runs out of food, they cannot eat off of the meat eater's side. Therefore, rule number two is, if you are not a vegetarian, eat the meat that was created for you, if you want a veggie plate, order one. If you are a meat eater and would like a veggie version after all the vegetarians have been served than by all means eat a veggie wrap. Thank you for allowing me to share these sometimes unspoken but always relevant warnings.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 215 Blah Blah, Blah, Pass Me The Cookies

Well, in terms of snacks, today was a pretty good day. I had to travel far and wide to a completely useless conference, but at least they fed us pretty well. They provided chips, queso , and salsa, homemade cookies, popcorn, and iced tea. My friend and co-worker bought me a juice and shared her M&m's and Mike and Ike's with me, to keep the old eyelids open. Tomorrow, we go back for more redundancy, but this time we get to leave at six in the morning and don't even get breakfast! In a while, I'm going to stock up on drinks and snacks, hopefully the day passes smoothly into the weekend.
I really detest conferences, rarely is there any sort of fresh information being conveyed, having been to perhaps 100+ conferences, trainings, and in-services over the past 12 years, I think I can say for certain, that I've heard pretty much everything there is to be said about the human condition and then some. I'm really going to try and improve my attitude for tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 214 Too Hot To Think Of A Title

Hmm, day 214, that's about what the temperature is today, actually 114 is closer to reality. It's almost too hot to do anything but sit perfectly still and just have someone pour ice water down your throat. I would not be surprised to learn, that after the heat breaks, there will be a whole bunch of people who have sweated away most of their body weight, or just disappeared into vaporous puddles all together. I have not been eating breakfast or lunch and not much at all for dinner, not because I'm trying to diet or anything, heaven forbid, I just don't feel like eating until the sun is gone. I wish that there were some sort of air conditioned suit, with a permanent supply of culligan water, I could just sip from all day. I believe that NASA would be a good resource in this instance. My next suggestion is just shutting everything down, kind of like when the big snow came, only everyone would be warned to STAY INSIDE their air conditioned houses and not venture out into the streets unless absolutely necessary! I should be the mayor, I would make this declaration.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 212 and 213 Are There Frozen Lemon Pops In Hell?

Lordy mercy, I'm fairly certain that a giant ball of sunshine fell right into the middle of Eastern Oklahoma today. It's hot as Hades, everything is on fire, and I can't turn on the air in my car, without the needle landing in the red zone. Please October come soon. Last night I was so engrossed in cleaning out my bedside table that I completely forget to blog, so here it is, a double dose of my wit and charm. Last night for dinner, I had salsa and chips, tonight I had chips and salsa, tomorrow I may have the same thing, unless the great balls of fire land on my doorstep, then I may roast marshmallows or tofu dogs. Seriously, when is this squelching bonfire of a molten Oklahoma Summer going to end? I'm not a fan of the possibility of death, just from standing outside, I need balance, I need a cool breeze, I need to open my ever loving windows. I'm sick of air conditioning to! A friend of mine once said that the fall of civilization began when air conditioning was invented, because no one sits outside anymore, no one meets their neighbors, we are isolated inside our icy little houses. It's true, I believe it! I'm going to make lemonade pops now, maybe stick my face in the freezer to avoid meeting my neighbors.