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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 212 and 213 Are There Frozen Lemon Pops In Hell?

Lordy mercy, I'm fairly certain that a giant ball of sunshine fell right into the middle of Eastern Oklahoma today. It's hot as Hades, everything is on fire, and I can't turn on the air in my car, without the needle landing in the red zone. Please October come soon. Last night I was so engrossed in cleaning out my bedside table that I completely forget to blog, so here it is, a double dose of my wit and charm. Last night for dinner, I had salsa and chips, tonight I had chips and salsa, tomorrow I may have the same thing, unless the great balls of fire land on my doorstep, then I may roast marshmallows or tofu dogs. Seriously, when is this squelching bonfire of a molten Oklahoma Summer going to end? I'm not a fan of the possibility of death, just from standing outside, I need balance, I need a cool breeze, I need to open my ever loving windows. I'm sick of air conditioning to! A friend of mine once said that the fall of civilization began when air conditioning was invented, because no one sits outside anymore, no one meets their neighbors, we are isolated inside our icy little houses. It's true, I believe it! I'm going to make lemonade pops now, maybe stick my face in the freezer to avoid meeting my neighbors.

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