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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 222 Came To My Own Rescue And Made Myself A Nice Sandwich

Wow, this has been a really long day and I am really happy to be off the side of the highway and home. Once again, my car overheated and I was on the Turnpike at the time, so all I could do was pull over and wait. I could reach no one by phone, but thankfully, a really nice couple had a gigantic jug of water, a police officer stopped and gave me another bottle of water, and finally it cooled down enough for me to get to a gas station. Finally, I am beginning to de-stress in the air conditioning and I just made a really strange but delicious cheese sandwich for dinner. It was toasted and had Laughing cow Chipolte cheese, Pepper Jack, and Colby Jack cheese, with jalapenos and cherry peppers. I broiled it and it was so very melty and yummy. Now, I have realized that I am very, very tired and the sun is still up, I'm going to bed early tonight, this week has been long enough!

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