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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 234 Creamed Spinach Should Not Make Me Smile But...

Today was a fair to pretty darn good day and that includes dinner, which was BBQ tofu and creamed spinach, yummmo! Earlier, whilst social working around town, my co-worker and I spotted a new restaurant, called Philly's which I have now added to my list of must trys when this challenge ends. I have already decided that the Spudnut doughnut is my first stop on January 1st, followed by the incinerator pizza at Jo'mamma's pizza in Tulsa. I'm really more excited than I should be about eating out again, January will be a busy month.
In other news, I've collected 130.00 for my I'm Having A New Engine Shower, not bad for just a few days, things are coming along swimmingly and I hope to have my car fixed next week, I kinda like being mobile and rolling when I wish, this would be a time when take out would really work out for me, but I press on in the name of fastfood boycotting.

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