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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 215 Blah Blah, Blah, Pass Me The Cookies

Well, in terms of snacks, today was a pretty good day. I had to travel far and wide to a completely useless conference, but at least they fed us pretty well. They provided chips, queso , and salsa, homemade cookies, popcorn, and iced tea. My friend and co-worker bought me a juice and shared her M&m's and Mike and Ike's with me, to keep the old eyelids open. Tomorrow, we go back for more redundancy, but this time we get to leave at six in the morning and don't even get breakfast! In a while, I'm going to stock up on drinks and snacks, hopefully the day passes smoothly into the weekend.
I really detest conferences, rarely is there any sort of fresh information being conveyed, having been to perhaps 100+ conferences, trainings, and in-services over the past 12 years, I think I can say for certain, that I've heard pretty much everything there is to be said about the human condition and then some. I'm really going to try and improve my attitude for tomorrow.

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