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Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 216 Back Up Off My Veggie Plate

Today was my second day of some sort of conference hullabaloo and the best part about the day was most for surely, the veggie wraps. They were so full of avocado and other wondrous veggies, that I ate two of them, they were perfect and I'm going to make some at home this weekend. I do have to verbally reprimand those veg heads, who took two wraps before all of the other veg heads were served. Every good vegetarian knows that there are usually only a limited number of veggie plates created, thus, the polite and right thing to do is to wait until everyone has been served, as I did. If a meat eater runs out of food, they can eat anything, but if a vegetarian runs out of food, they cannot eat off of the meat eater's side. Therefore, rule number two is, if you are not a vegetarian, eat the meat that was created for you, if you want a veggie plate, order one. If you are a meat eater and would like a veggie version after all the vegetarians have been served than by all means eat a veggie wrap. Thank you for allowing me to share these sometimes unspoken but always relevant warnings.

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