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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 224 Broke Down Egg Salad

Today has been a day of creative contemplation and egg salad. First of all, I've been looking at options to solve my car issue today and in the middle of it, I decided to make a sandwich. I found a website for ad cars, you know, the kind that are covered with advertisements for things like Jambajuice and Tidy Cat? Well, I am willing to look like an idiot for transportation. The car is free, but they get to put whatever advertisement they want on it. I suppose that's OK unless it Imodium or something? So, anyway as I said, in the middle of all of the hullabaloo, I got tired of thinking about cars and boiled some eggs. It was the best egg salad ever, I added my birthday cherry peppers, which I have been adding to sandwiches lately and it was the perfect addition, as I did not have any relish. I may have another after I finish cleaning my bedroom (continued from last weekend). Also, one of my co-workers offered to let me borrow one of her vehicles for a few days until I can figure some things out. I guess that's it, my petition to the universe is out there, now I just have to wait.

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