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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 191 Blue Icing Is All I Need

Ahhh, finally home after a loong day of birthday baking, churching, and family sitting. I made double chunk brownies this morning, for my cousin's 11th birthday. I bought a package of Betty Crocker easy squeeze decorator icing, because I wanted to have some sort of color on the brownies. It turns out that they lied, it is not easy squeezy, as it states AND it requires a writing adapter. I made another trip to the store to buy regular cake icing and a bag of Reese's Pieces to sprinkle on top, success, he loved it! This same cousin was baptised tonight, so I sat through two and a half hours of church, which is not usually where I would be on a Sunday night, but I'm sure that the kid appreciated having his entire family there. I just finished a vegetable stir fry for dinner, made up primarily of squash and broccoli and I am now eating the radioactive blue icing from the aforementioned brownie project. Now, it's time to finish up all of the work I've been avoiding all weekend. Good times...

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