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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 183 Kabob It Up

Today has been a mucho busy day, my family and I had an impromptu lunch at my grandmother's house, followed by shopping and the movie, Larry Crowne. The lunch was decent, the shopping yielded no results, the movie was OK but not the best. I guess you could say it was a satisfactory day. Tomorrow we are having a cookout, complete with grilled vegetables from our garden and we're going to see the fireworks show in a nearby town. Fun and family, somebody give me a hoorah! I'm making yet another Blackberry cobbler and some baked beans for the get together, my mom is making everything else...yeah that seems fair. I love the fourth of July almost more than Christmas, if it weren't so hot, it would probably move up on my list of favorites. Here's to a great holiday, good food, sparklers, and sober driving! Don't forget, never shoot bottle rockets or any firework for that matter from between your teeth...it's a good way to lose a tonsil or worse. Have fun and be safe!

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