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Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 182 Trade You These Berries For Those Beans

Let me just begin with the blackberry cobbler. I am not one to follow recipes, I like to add my own flair and not be governed by baking rules. I may have to change how I do things, maybe measure a little more, set the correct temperature, you know, the basics. Last night, when I put the blackberries on the stove, I added a lot of sugar, not on purpose, I was just going to shake a little out of the sugar bag and I dumped about three cups into about two cups of berries. The result was that the berries were so sugared, the sweetness overwhelmed the tartness, so I messed up, but it wasn't awful. Today, I made a trade with my co-worker, I left some cobbler for her and later, I came back to pick up my white chickenless chili. I love this chili! Even though it is a little warm out, at 100 degrees, it did not stop me from enjoying my beany gift of goodness. Over the long weekend, I plan on baking up a few things to share, so stay tuned and I may throw a sample if you're standing close enough to catch it.

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