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Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 129 Carnival At My House

Tonight, I'm leading a life of thrills, chills, oohs, and ahhhs, tonight, I'm bleaching the ice trays. Yep, doesn't get much more entertaining than this. Actually, I've emptied the cabinets and I'm bleaching all of my dishes, not just the ice trays. Bleach makes me feel shiny. Tonight, I had sauteed vegetables and macaroni and cheese, like I said, it's a carnival of an evening around here. I've finished my pint of ice cream, I've read all the magazines and books in  the house, I've cleaned the kitchen within an inch of my life, I've completed my work day......now what? I cannot wait to go out and eat again, how many more days do we have of this non-sense? I've been thinking of where I will eat, what will I order? What will my new rules be when I get there? I think I'm still going to for the most part forgo fast food, but allow limited restaurants onto my list. Sigh, it seems so far away and I just realized yesterday, that I will not be able to eat fair food this year! What was I thinking, clearly I don't think before jumping head long into traffic, I would give half an eyebrow for a funnel cake and a big fat Coke right now....onward I march.

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