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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 139 Snack Rules

Yawn....tonight I'm eating leftover sheeploaf, if you are unaware of sheeploaf, rewind to yesterday's post.
I cannot wait for tomorrow, it's grocery day once again and I am making my list and checking it twice. Tomorrow is also a five hour long audit preparation for our office, not looking forward to working straight through lunch. I figure, I'll pack four juices, some dried fruit, some candy, maybe a little stinky cheese thrown in the mix. I may share with my co-workers if they look miserable enough.....but I will NOT share with anyone who prolongs the training with asinine questions involving notes, billing, clients, or personal stories of work woe. I will also not provide snacks to anyone who burps on my skin, encroaches on my space, or generally irritates me for no good reason. Do not ask me for snacks, I will offer them, if I wish for you to have them, they are a privilege, not a right. I am also going to take along my Serene herbs from the healthfood store. I've been a little angry lately and hopefully my little serene soldiers will get me through the day tomorrow. Good night and good bread.

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