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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 128 Mother's Day Lunch Throwdown

Today, my aunts, my mom, and my grandmother, all cooked it up like a mother! We had pasta salad, baked beans, baked chicken (which I did not eat), deviled eggs, yeast rolls, cherry cobbler, and strawberry shortcake. I'm stuffed like a pillow and quite relaxed after a pleasant get together under a beautiful sky, it was downright delightful. For dinner, I'm having nothing...well I may have some rum raisin ice cream to round out the day and at the moment, I'm enjoying the warm breeze, a glass of peach tea, and the lull of Spanish tongues outside my window...perfection. This week promises to be nothing short of a 26 mile marathon, so later on, I must prepare my food situation for being on the road Monday through Thursday, thankfully Friday I can sit on my butt all day in an audit preparation training, fun.
Enough blogging, I have two books to read and not much of a weekend left.

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