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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 130 Cake Drunk And Blue Ribbon Bound

Tonight, I'm wondering, if anyone out there has ever stared at a blank wall for 130 days or worn the same shirt, or read the same book over and over again? This is what it seems like this week, I have eaten from my kitchen for 130 days now, I need some sparkle, a little spicy, not housed in my cabinets. This morning, I had a grilled cheese sandwhich, granted, it was made with good cheese, it was not fast food biscuits and gravy and my tap water was not fizzy in any way. Sigh.....I need some new ideas, new recipes, maybe a new kitchen, with a celebrity chef, who makes me omlettes at 2am just because I demand it. Perhaps I need to dive into a new cake creation, a combination never created......maybe I make this cake for the Creek County fair! Yes!!!! That is exactly what I need, I need to make a cake for a blue ribbon or a pie? Hmmm, need ideas, maybe a chocolate strawberry rum cake, is that real? If not, it is now! I don't know, the judges may not appreciate the rum, I'll have to ponder this blossoming creation.

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