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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142 That's Not A Deal As Far As Deals Go

So, today is my grandmother's birthday and I was going to go all out and make her something special, unfortunately I woke up at 11:00 and made nada. Instead, I went to Whole Foods, where they had a special, if I bought an ice cream cake, I could get two large pizzas, two six packs of soda (which I don't drink), and a big container of baby spinach. This sounded like an awesome deal, since I had to buy a cake anyway, so I loaded up all of the free stuff, intending to give the soda to my brother, and bebopped on over to the cake section. How much could an ice cream cake really cost anyway, 12.99? Ha! The cakes were 28.00! What in the Samuel P. Johnson?!? What? Is it a freaking ruby filled ice cream cake? Oh, no, I rebopped, back over to where they had the free stuff, dumped it, and went in search of a regular cake, not made of platinum. I ended up paying 15.00 for a very tiny carrot cake, which my grandmother highly approved of. Really 15.00 is too much as well, but it was her birthday and I didn't get her a present. I have almost decided to revisit my Whole Foods boycott of a year ago, because it is beyond expensive and I always feel like I've been taken advantage of in an alley, when I leave with two items and twenty less in cash.

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