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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 116 Never Too Late For Pancakes

Today, I don't have a lot to say about food, it just hasn't really crossed my mind in the past 13 hours. In a little while, I'm going to stuff those Jalepenos, as I said I would last week. It's been a REALLY long day, but I'm afraid the peppers will start to go bad, so, stuff them I must. Today, I was literally out on the prairie, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wheat and not much else, I wonder what a stalk of wheat would taste like? Maybe it wasn't even wheat I was looking at, maybe it was just grass, who's to know the difference if it's not shaped like a loaf of bread? I started out my day kind of empty and am just now getting around to eating real food. I've been drinking water and eating snacky kind of stuff, so I'm in the market for something substantial, maybe some squash to go with my peppers.....or pancakes? Mmmm, French toast would be fabulous, a cheese omlette, I'm kind of in breakfast mode right now, perhaps, the peppers can wait until tomorrow, yes breakfast is calling and I must heed the call. Ok, here's the plan, peppers and squash in the cheese omlette with cornmeal pancakes, yep that's it! Thank you blog for allowing me to process my meal time cunundrum.

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