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Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 119 How Much Longer Now?

It's Friday again, one more week down in this absurd mission, honestly, who thought of this? I certainly can't do anything half way and I did not think this thing through in it's entirety, back in January. I'm bored, hungry for some Thai food or a pizza buffet, and getting a little sick of blogging about it! None the less, despite my bad attitude, I have made it through another day, unscathed by Sonic or Mazzio's pizza. At the moment, I'm sipping funny tasting water from my new filtered pitcher and having a strange dinner of potatoes and an English muffin, with strawberry cream cheese. I'm very confused by the water, it tastes like burned plastic, it's not supposed to have any taste at all, which leads me to believe that I have not properly processed the stupid thing and am now drinking some sort of ironic toxic water caused by the useless filter. Perhaps if I had a package of Kool-aid, I could mask the taste...I really wish I had a Coke right now, I would give anything to plant my face underneath a soda fountain at the nearest Quick Trip gas emporium and end this madness! I just need some fizz, a little sugar, a little Mountain Dew, a smidge of Dr. Pepper, oh the torture of this asinine idea!

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