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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 117 Oklahoma Spagehtti

Today is a day for pasta, baked pasta with cheese and garlic bread, which I am at this very instant slaving over, as I type. I miss one of my favorite Italian restaurants back in Indiana, it wasn't that the food was so great, although it was pretty good. It's more about the atmosphere of the outdoor patio, on the Ohio river, it's about the dozens of times I sat in the breeze with my friends, over some celebration or other. Being in the presence of my friends, the rolling river, good bread and olive oil were at times all I needed in life. I must say that this scene was repeated numerous times at any given place in town, so it was maybe not so much the restaurant as the people and the particular time in my life. I suppose this time in my life has it's perks as well, for instance, I don't have to share my spaghetti or my garlic bread, I don't have to split the bill or leave a tip, and I have a great view of my dog lying on the couch. Not the same but it will do for now, here's to my friends back home, Rocky's on the river and pasta from my kitchen.

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