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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 110 Salad Of Legends

Today, I was complaining and wishing for a big salad bar, not situated in a fast food joint, when someone had a great idea for an office potluck. Yeah I know, I've done the potluck schtick before but this is not just any old pitch in, but a big fat salad potluck and I am in full agreement and compliance with said brilliant idea!  What is a salad pot luck you ask? Well, I'll tell you, everyone brings their favorite salad ingredient and boom, instant party. Think of the possibilities, I mean if it's a small group, then of course everyone brings two things but, if  a big meeting were in the works, that's like twenty different ingredients and no, everyone cannot bring a different kind of lettuce, there should be rules! There will of course be the schmuck as usual who's contribution is lackluster...a head of brownish iceberg anyone? But I feel certain that most cannot screw up this task, think about it, cheeses, croutons, olives, a plethora of sprinkles galore! This will be the best pitch till you win, ever. I believe that I shall contribute artichoke hearts and black currants, maybe some fancy cheese as well. This giant salad is destiny, the reason this particular group of people have come together on earth, this salad will be a salad of legend....if no one forgets the Blue cheese dressing.

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