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Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 168 Ice Cream Extravaganza and Water Balloon Blowout

Today, we had an ice cream extravaganza at the park to welcome Summer and to spend a little time in the shade. OK, that was corny, there was no shade, it was actually very hot, so hot that the ice cream melted before we even found a picnic table and was basically a warmish liquidy ice cream party. We dropped a whole bag of water balloons and busted them, so we only had about twenty to play with. The ice cream eating contest ended after about five or six spoon fulls of runny Neapolitan and we finally threw the whole mess away and went to play on the monkey bars.
Tonight to kick off my staycation, I had green bean casserole and pink lemonade, a damn good kick off dinner if I ever saw one. Tomorrow, I must go and pick squash, it is time and I am looking forward to another round of fried squash goodness for this weekend's adventure. It is also getting close to salsa time, a time I very much look forward to, as I like to can things and pretend that I'm a prairie widow, canning for my survival against the harsh Oklahoma winters and cattle killing blizzards. Tomorrow, I make pie...stay tuned.

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