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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 180 Ode To Baked Goods

Today, I'm dreaming of working in a bakery, the cupcakes and pies don't care what you say, the customers generally don't call you names or throw chairs at the wall. Today, I'm dreaming of being a whole nother person, living in a vastly different world, of my own creation. I want to cook for people, feed people, see the appreciation on someone's face, as they enjoy something delicious, that I have made. How does paperwork feed the soul? It does not. How do numbers and quotas bring warmth and satisfaction to a heart? They can never do such a work. My eyes glaze when I hear the lists and lists of rules that do not apply to coffee cakes and triple fudge brownies. In my world, apple fritters do not require audits, or steering committees, the donut holes roll unassisted by upper management, and the triple layer carrot cake will never ever be downsized in my kitchen.

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