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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 159 Fudgecicles or Sprinkles

It was a good thing I had a hearty breakfast because today was a day for nerves of steel. I started out with eggs with spinach and some fried taters, which got me through to lunch, where a kind co-worker, shared her bounty of white chicken less chili. The chili was damn good, so good, I have to say it again, damn good. I'm going to make said chili at some point in the future, when all of this audit business is behind us. For dinner, I made some lovely cheese enchiladas and Spanish rice, OK I didn't "make" the Spanish rice, it was an already made grocery store item, but it was delicious none the less. It tuns out, I really had no need for the nerves of steel, I fortified myself with this morning, because the families, we work with had nothing but kind words to say to our auditors, they were wonderful and now I can safely put this part behind me. Tomorrow, they examine our files, not too worried though, we've all worked really hard to make them spectacular, and afterward, I plan on having ice cream to celebrate either way. Ice cream from the grocery of course, but ice cream none the less. Depending on how our outlook is at the end of the day, I may add sprinkles or we could go in the opposite direction, if we lose our funding, I'll buy a dollar box of fudgecicles and start looking for another job. Here's hoping for the sprinkles.

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