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Monday, June 27, 2011

178 Eat Your Wheaties For Fists Of Fury

Uhhhhggg, first day back at work was thrilling as usual, I ate Key lime pie for lunch, narrowly dodged a chair being thrown, and endured several eventful meetings. Later, I'm having a smidge of my ghost chili salsa to release the endorphins and because I haven't had dinner yet, hopefully improving my day. Tonight would also be a good night for chocolate milk, mayhaps I will need to peruse my coupons and head down to the dry goods store for some Hershey's syrup. Tomorrow promises to be just as electric as today, with an extra element of danger, so I am going to have a big, fat, breakfast, with eggs, pancakes, hash browns, and cereal, maybe some Kool-aid for some extra sugar.
Gotta be quick on my feet, mentally alert, and ready for surprises. Does this even make sense? I thought not. The point is that I didn't eat breakfast this morning and I almost got hit with a chair, perhaps if I am more mindful of early morning nutrition, I could be more alert as to say a chair or a fist flying towards my face. Perhaps hash browns will add to my lightning quick reflexes and my catlike agility in dangerous situations. We should all eat breakfast with the expectation of self defense later in the day.

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