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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 167 By By Audit Guy Let's Have Some Yippy Pie

Today, the long and drawn out audit of our agency came to an end and I for one am much relieved to move on with my life! I have a million ways I could think of to celebrate, but the only one that makes sense right now, is pie. I want to make a pie, maybe a cobbler, or a meringue, possibly a Key Lime pie, I don't know, I just know that tomorrow, after work, I'm going to make the best most cherished pie, ever born in my kitchen. But first, tomorrow afternoon, we are throwing an impromptu ice cream party in the park for the little angels, we work with. It's going to be a blast, I'm buying several different kinds of ice cream, cones, toppings, whatever goes along with ice cream and we are having a water balloon blowout as well. I'm so excited, I think it will be fun, just hoping some kids show up.
Tonight, I got free food from Whole foods, because the pizza I bought there earlier today was moldy! So, for dinner, I had mashed potatoes, corn, Spanish rice, and steamed broccoli, I'm stuffed like a taxidermy armadillo, not even kidding. I can't wait for tomorrow to be over, my staycation begins around 4:30!

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