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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 166 Too Hot To Cook

Today was so hot, I could not bring myself to cook, although I did turn on the oven this morning to finish drying my pants. For dinner, I began with a big thingy of cold grapes and cantelope, in the chill of my icy fresh air conditioner, on the way home. I ate the whole thing in about five minutes. For dinner I had guacamole and chips, along with freezing delicious mineral water. I do not prefer Summer, I prefer cool and comfortable at all times, I will not sweat for my dinner. I really need some hot weater recipes so that I don't have to turn the oven on until Fall. My mom used to make this really good taco salad, with lettuce, cheese, Catalina dressing, Doritos, and olives (she used meat as well). Perhaps I should concoct a vegetarian version, because it's super easy and summery. The other childhood recipe I remembered today was the pineapple salad hoo-ha my mom used to make, it sounds gross but it was really yummy. It was a ring of pineapple on a bed of lettuce, in the middle was a little dollop of mayonaise and a cherry, I'm telling you, it was summer magic, I would not lie about this, just try it!

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