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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 163 Silence And Mushrooms

This has to be the quietest weekend in history, I have literally not spoken to anyone except grocery store cashiers! Well, last night, I went out to retrieve the makings for cupcakes and came back instead with ingredients for guacamole, some watermelon, and Crystal Light (the natural kind, no aspartame). So, I didn't make cupcakes but in a little while, I'm making stuffed mushrooms and I'm pretty stoked, although not really that hungry, as I ate most of the above earlier today.
In other news, I haven't gone out to pick my squash from my mom's because I needed alone time and had to forgo fresh garden vegetables in exchange for my sanity, perhaps tomorrow, I will break my vow of silence in order to eat fried squash for dinner. I also want to borrow her ice cream maker, I want to make full fat, peach ice cream with fresh peaches, but I do not wish to share with anyone, least of all my mother, so don't ask. Is that wrong, that I want to borrow her ice cream maker but don't want to share my ice cream? I guess that's the kind of daughter I feel like being today, perhaps said mother will sit in her garden and think about what she has done.

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