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Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10 I'm on a Homeade Roll Now

Well, it's day 10 of this journey called deprivation but oddly, I do not feel deprived, I feel really great! I'm pretty sure my pants are a little looser too! In two weeks, I'm going to Old Navy to try on a size 14 jeans, just for ha ha's, we'll see what happens. For lunch today, I had tabouli, Greek yogurt, and a string cheese, and I drank Green tea concoction all day. Last night I invented a little something I like to call Jamaican Honey tea, not bad, the Cayenne in it kept me warm all day. Tonight I made Mushroom Stroganoff, which I will add to the recipes later. If by some miracle we get snowed in overnight, maybe I'll make some rice pudding tomorrow to keep myself busy. Oh, I also created a recipe for achy muscles last night, but I can't tell you what's in it, I may want to patent it and pimp it out later. http://www.fastfoodboycott.blogspot.com/

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