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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 20 Nothing Beets a Bowl of Borscht

I have deep table rage of several foods, oranges, dill, and beets being the top three. I specifically hate pickled beets, as those are the only kind I've ever tried. When I was a kid, my mom would put pickled okra and pickled beets on the table every night for my step-father. I hated pickled okra because when I chewed it, it felt like a glob of vaseline in my mouth, but beets, they were on a whole different level of nasty. Every night, someone plopped a pink gelatinous disk onto my plate, staining the very purity of my mashed potatoes or molesting my bread with it's tacky fuchsia juice. The taste, can only be described as dirt, beets taste like dirt and I know because I have eaten dirt and it tastes better than a beet. So, I have established the fact that I hate beets, but I am going to experiment a little in the next week or so. I am going to tap in to the tiny Russian chef, who lives in my brain and try to make amends with the ominous beet. It wasn't the beet's fault that it was pickled and I'm thinking that could be the wrench in our relationship, so, I am going to make Borscht, which I'm pretty sure is not pickled and traditional black bread. I feel that I must attempt new stuff, during this experiment, because I want to learn as much as I can about creating for myself. If I don't know how to create for myself, then I will depend on convenience and that's just not healthy. Also, maybe I will still hate beets after the Borscht, but maybe I will love them and I'll have another recipe to add to my collection. After that, I may turn my attention to my most despised food, Oranges, that's a whole nother post.
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Lisa Briscoe said...

Can't wait for you to learn to LOVE Dill! Dilly Greenbeans, Dill Pickles, Dill infused grape leaf wraps. You should post pics of your first taste via time released photography :)

365 Day Fast Food Boycott said...

I will never love Dill, it's like angry little fairies, tap dancing on my tongue.

no1duzitbetta said...

I won't eat oranges unless *sunkist* is stamped on the side. Now as for beets, I feel for you that pickled was the first kind you tried for that really is an acquired taste, you should try a can that is not pickled, it might change your mind. Dill in small amounts can bring out certain aspects of a meal to appreciate.