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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day number 12 No Thanks Domino's, I Got This.

Tonight I made a homeade pizza for about 4.75 and that includes extra ingredients for another pizza, plus leftovers for lunch tomorrow, not bad! Plus everything is uber fresh and I'm not contributing to the evil corporate pizza empire.....I am my own empire. Today could have been a distaster in regard to my mission, first I got a really bad papercut, under my fingernail and then I got tangled up in my scarf and the strap of my purse. Normally, this kind of day would find me at Braum's having a Coke, some fries, and a carmel sunday, but NO! I persevered another day. I did discover something wonderous today! Olives in a bag! Have you ever wanted to snack on a can of olives in the car, but been fresh out of can openers? Problem solved, olives in a bag, I ate those and some cheese for lunch and they held me over until I could get to my dinner bridge of Greek yogurt, which held me over till dinner. And so ends another day in the life of me. http://www.fastfoodboycott.blogspot.com/

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